How To Hammock Camping With A Dog {A Full Guidline}

As a dog lover, you may want to take your dog on camping trips. But, if you are not sure whether or not your dog likes it, it would be a little bit more challenging to bring along your furry mate, especially when you realize that the dog doesn’t like the hammock camping.

Whether you are an expert on hammock camping or you are just trying it for the first time, there’s a confusing part you might be faced.

In this guide, I will try to answer all the common questions and valuable tips that need to make success in your next hammock camping trip with your dog.

hammock camping with dog

What Should You Consider Before Hammock Camping With a Dog

  • Dog fitness
  • Behaviour and aggression level
  • Camping location
  • Weather
  • Sleeping place
  • Understand if the camping compatible with your dog

Preparing Your Dog for Hammock Camping

It is very important to take a few extra steps to prepare a hammock camping trip with your dog.
Such as,

Keep your dog up to date vaccine: Please don’t skip this step as you may think that it doesn’t seem essential. But the reality, there are many diseases that can happen for an irregular vaccine. So, you should be concerned about vaccination before going to a hammock camping trip.

Groom your dog thoroughly: One of the most obvious things you have to do when preparing your dog for a camping trip is grooming. Groom your dog appropriately and make sure it isn’t able to create any further problems.
A dog who has long coats may cause uncomfortable things for the dog in the summer heat. Even If, it’s not a long hike. Especially If they haven’t left their winter coat yet.
If you want to sleep with your dog or you love to keep your dog very close, you have to trim it’s nail also.
It is done for two purposes. One of them prevents tearing your hammock, and another is, It doesn’t make thrust when you are sleeping.

Note: You can trim your dog by yourself at home, or you can go to the groomer for doing it.

Consider Flea and Tick Protection:
Lastly, you have to consider about flea and tick protection by talking to your vet for the recommended method. Or, you can simply take some flea and tick medicine that next time you can apply yourself.

The Dog Pack, What To Bring

Make sure you have all the necessary things that your dog needs to do well in the hammock camping trip.

Don’t forget to take:

  • More food than generally it required
  • Food bowls
  • Drinking water (If the campsite has unavailable it)
  • A leash or two
  • Treats
  • Medication
  • Dog-safe tick and bug resistant
  • Dog-safe (sun)
  • A night light (help you to visible your dog at night)
  • Biodegradable poop bags
  • Towels and blankets
  • Favourite balls or toys
  • A lightweight raincoat
  • First aid book and kit including vet wraps, tick tweezers/keys, Benadryl, super glue, and styptic pencils.

Find A Dog-Friendly Campsite

You don’t want to take a risk and be fined for bringing your dog where it is not allowed. This should be the first step to take a proper plan about choosing a hammock camping spot and make it is safe for your dog.

You can make the place safe by hanging your hammock over level ground that isn’t near any cliffs, slopes, or sharp rocks. A dog-friendly campsite will always reduce the risk of getting injured while your dog is jumping in and out of the hammock.

How To Hammock Camping with a dog

Where The Dog Will Sleep

Some dogs naturally acquire the ability of hammocking and love embracing with you while others may find scared in the hammock camping. So, I always recommend to train up your dog before going to make any camping.
This will not be a significant problem if your dog sleeps beneath the hammock. But, if your dog can’t sleep without being next to you, it would be the best option to keep the dog home instead of taking in hammock camping.
Normally a smaller and medium-sized dog can sleep well in the single person hammock, and a larger dog requires a double-wide hammock to sleep with you.

What To Do After Reach The Campsite

After reaching the campsite, the first things look around any hazard things that harmful to your dog and you. Such as any types of garbage, broken glass, large hole or dead trees. If you find the things that could hurt yours, be sure you have reported the administration. And if there is no option to report authorities, make sure you have clean and safe the place for your dog and yourself.

When you are going to set up your camping hammock in the desired place, monitor the trees carefully, so that you can choose the perfect trees as you want to be sure hanging from such trees that wouldn’t fall down your weight.

Note: If your dog sleeps with you in the hammock, it is not necessary to set up an extra bed below the hammock.

How To Set A Dog Bed For Hammock Camping

If you don’t plan to sleep with your dog and need to set up an extra bed beneath the hammock, follow the steps below:
Depending on the dog, it may be different from others.

Setting up a dog tent:
If you want to give them a tent, then you have to do lay down a tarp, set up the tent, and keep some blankets for your canine.

Setting up a dog bed: For dog bed or sleeping pad, you have to place down a tarp, then their bed and followed by blankets and quilts.
You can also wrap a trap from the hammock to protect them from the wind. I would also suggest you drape a mosquito net under your hammock so that your dog doesn’t get eaten up.
After doing all this, your dog has own little tarp tent under your hammock. By protecting them from rain, wind, insects, and mosquitoes, your dog will able to sleep comfortably through the night.