Camping Games For Kids | 5 Best Supper Fun Activities

If you plan on bringing your kids along on the next camping trip, you must be prepared to keep them entertained. Instead of carrying that electronic car or doll, I suggest thinking outside the box. In this post, I will give you some of the best camping games for kids.

These 5 Best Camping Games for Kids will keep your kids entertained, busy, and save them from any mischief around the camping ground. They are easy to master and your kids will be going round in no time.

Let’s take a look at what I have in place for you.

Campground Olympics

Yes. This is my favorite when I tag my kids along. We always form groups and compete against each other. The games are usually many. They vary and will include short relay runs, long jump along sandy beaches, and swimming competitions.

Who wouldn’t love such a day? If you want to make it much more interesting, you can bring in additional tricks such as balancing along with logs, skipping on one leg, skipping stones and any other additional games that you have in the mind.

The lightest option that I can never get enough of is this; grabbing a rope and putting up a tug of war. The strongest team wins by pulling their opponents over a marked area. This is one of the longest sports for the seasoned and new campers.

Water Balloon Toss

For the spring and the summer camping spree, the weather is often hot. A good way to pass time and to keep your kids busy is to play the water balloon toss. It is often a great way for your kids to cool down on the hot summer days.

Remember, this game is only the best when the weather is warm. In case the weather is cold, playing this game might cause your kids to catch a cold. Even so, this game is fun and best for those who want to get their temps down.

How to Play

  • Buy a pack of balloons
  • Fill every balloon with water
  • Tie the balloon at the end
  • Let players face each other
  • They can then throw/ toss the balloons

Scavenger Hunt

Another game that kids love when they are out camping is Scavenger Hunt. This game has been around since I was a kid too. It is simple to play and will leave you with a memorable camping experience.

How to Play

  • Identify players
  • Assign them in a group of two or three
  • Each player sticks with the assigned buddy or group
  • They collect rocks, pine cones, oak leaves, maple leaves, snail shells, and pine needles
  • Restrict them to specific colors
  • You can also ensure everyone has a camera for their scavenger hunt

This game is best for kids as it develops their creativity. It also helps them to bond more and learns to complete camping tasks.

Campfire Games

Kids love to stay and gaze at the campfire while they play games into the night. One of the best campfire games that kids love is to tell stories. They also love singing conquests and creating up tales.

In case you want your kids to enjoy their time around the campfire, you should lead them through. Let everyone tell a story. The stories should be told in turn. When the night falls, you can always gift every one of them with a befitting price and let them head to bed.

Birding and Cloud Gazing

Kids love trail walks. They can watch the birds all day long and gaze at the clouds. I remember when I was young we could even count the clouds. Eventually, we would slip into an afternoon nap and wake up in the tent.

It always felt good to identify more birds than my sister. Such games kept us busy when we went camping. We hardly noticed time flying past. Eventually, we often had some of the most memorable camping events.

Other Games

Apart from these top five games that I have mentioned, you can always play face painting games, nature walk, ball games, and any other games that you can create. The most important thing is having a fun-filled time.

Conclusion: The 5 Best Camping Games for Kids that we have here aren’t all there is to camping with kids. Given the time, I can still give you over ten more games. Nonetheless, there is no harm in starting out with a few.

Choose any of these five games and give your kids the best start to their camping experience. It is easy and very enjoyable when you play with them. So always anticipate a free time to join in the games with your kids.