How To Clean A Tent: A Simple Guide To Extend Your Tent

With the camping weekend gone by it is usually a very good idea to store your tent when you have cleaned it. If you don’t, soring your tent with the dust, dirt, or grime will soon lead to some ugly stains, bad odors, and a poorly fit zipper. if you go down You Will Learn How To Clean A Tent.

Merits of Cleaning Your Tent

It is important that you learn  clean your tent before you can actually think of using it. This is highly recommended by experts as it has so many advantages tied to it. Some of the top-rated advantages include the following.

Extended Lifespan

A regularly cleaned tent will enjoy a longer lifespan than one which is never cleaned. It will retain its luster and also keep the stains away. More importantly, it will also keep the fabric strong and retain its shape.

Keep Odors Away

Let’s face it. Any product including shoes that are often worn with dirt will smell really bad at the end of its all. To keep that awful smell out of your home, you need to clean your tent regularly.

For Proper Storage

Believe it or not, there isn’t a better way to store a dirty tent other than to rough it up and maybe throw it at a corner. More specifically, if the tent is grimy and feels really bad to touch; a properly cleaned tent, on the other hand, can be easily stored. You can fold it properly and keep it safely in the storage bag.

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Clean your Tent: Step by Step Guide

So how do you clean a tent? If you want to clean your tent, this easy to follow step by step guide will really help you to shake things up. Read on to get a hold of it.


Firstly, you will have to prepare all the materials that you will require to make the process really successful. Such materials will include the following.

  • Water (both cold and lukewarm)
  • Mild soap dish detergent
  • Outdoor cleaner
  • Nonabrasive cloth or sponge
  • Large washing basin or tub

Step I: Spot Clean Using Mild Soap Dish

Use the cloth or sponge to scrub gently into the tent very small amounts of mild soap dish detergent. More importantly, spot up with soap the areas that are extra-dirty so that they can have enough lather.

Step II: Prepare the Tub or Large Basin

Whatever the washing area, you will need to prepare it properly. A good way of doing that is to fill the tub with lukewarm water before you can add the tent-cleaner that you chose. At this point, it is very important that you follow all the directions that come with the cleaner so you don’t end up with poor results when cleaning.

Step III: Prepare the Tent for Cleaning

It is always advisable that you clean your tent from the inside out position. This means that you should now unzip your tent and then set it up in an inside out position before you can initiate the cleaning process.

Step IV: Take Your Tent and Soak It

It’s time to start cleaning your tent. The best way to do that is to soak up the tent first. So immerse your tent and its rainfly in the water (bathtub or basin). You can then allow it to sit in the water as directed by the cleaning directions around the tent cleaner.

Step V: Clean Your Tent Manually

After soaking your tent, you should then scrub it gently by using your bare hands. Watch out for the areas with hard stain so you can concentrate more power on them.

Once the stains are cleaned out, you can then rinse the tent well by draining the water in the bathtub and refilling it with clean one until you are convinced that the tent has regained its sparkle.

NOTE: If the stain is still intact, you might try spotting again a few more times until you get a clean tent to go with.

Step VI: Dry Your Tent Completely

Finally, you will have to set the tent up to dry. You can also hang to dry in a cool place or possibly in a shaded area. Give the tent 24 hours so that it dries properly that you can store it without any more damages.

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Cleaning Your Ten: FAQs

Since you could be new to the art of tent cleaning, we aren’t going to leave you with only those tips. Let’s give you a few more hints on how to clean a tent that we feel will be very ideal if you knew.

When Should I Deep Clean My Tent?

You can deep clean your tent if the tent has mold, foul odors, and mildew. Even so, it will be very important that you still follow all the directives that have been laid out on the tent cleaner so that you get the best results.

You can also deep clean if you have pine sap on the tent. However, you should take so much care not to scrub the tent too much and either damage it or leave it out of shape.

Why Are My Zippers Stuck?

A stuck zipper on a tent is a common occurrence. It is often caused by stuck dust, dirt, salt water, or mud on the zipper line. But that shouldn’t worry you as the problem can be easily fixed if you do the following:

  • Deep wash your tent
  • Take an old toothbrush and scrub out the dirt

Why Shouldn’t I Store a Tent While Wet?

Wet tents if stored would soon give foul smells. They will also develop weak joints around the tent and leave you with a leaky or damaged tent. This might be very disappointing especially if the tent was new and you had not used it for a long duration of time.

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Conclusion: If you are searching for how to clean a tent in the best way, I suggest making use of this simple but yet very effective tent cleaning guide. Being an outdoor guy that I am, I have used this guide quite a number of times and was swept away by the results.

Washing your tent is never a complicated process. With the right tips, you will be able to do it every time you are from camping or a hiking spree. Nonetheless, you need to follow every ideal instruction including the ones that will come with the tent cleaner.

At the end of it all, you will have the best results and a very durable tent that could last long for your camping.

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