How To Fix A Tent Zipper – 6 Simple Easy Techniques

Having a tent is something to be proud of, especially if you like camping. It keeps you safe and warm inside during the nights. But the problem comes when the zipper is broken. This is something that not everyone is equipped to deal with, which is why this article is here. It is going to show you how to fix a tent zipper in simple techniques. Check these tips to help you know how to fix a tent zipper in different methods.

Fixing the pull tab

The pull tab is attached to a zipper slide. It is what you use to move the zipper up and down. The zipper tab might break off sometimes, and you will need to replace it. Here are some ways you can fix the pull tab from your tent. There are two ways you can fix this.

how to fix a tent zipper

One way is by replacing the pull tab. You can get a new tab at stores where you bought your tent. Buy one that fits your tent; make sure it is large enough for your zipper. You can also use a tab from a different tent. Remove the tab from the slider; you can use a pair of pliers to help pull it off. Remove the tab and insert the replacement tab. Slip it under the slit. Place the loop on the slider; make sure it fits the groves perfectly and press it down. Clamp it shut, and there you go, a fixed zipper pull tab.

Another way is to use makeshift pull tabs. To do that, remove the old pull tab out, unless it has a hook shape then you can just wriggle it out. Remove the locking mechanism out of the loop. To replace the pull tab, you can use a paper clip. Simply feed the loop through the zipper and rotate the clip until it faces away from the zipper, and you have a replacement tab.

You can use a key ring or a thread. You can also use a thin ribbon, make sure it is centered, and tie the ends together. You can also use hot or fabric glue to fix the ribbon on the zipper. You can attach a wire or some fancy rings to make a longer pull tab.

tent zipper replacement

Repairing a separated zipper

Some of the zipper’s teeth can separate, though not most likely. These are the steps you can follow to repair it.

Pull the slider over to another end. If the teeth are locked together when the zipper separated, use a cleaning agent to remove trapped dirt. Use soap and water to remove sediments; use a cloth with soapy water to clean it. After cleaning, pull the slider towards the end gently to remove the separation. You might need to use a little force, but it should be easier if the dirt and sediments are removed.

Straighten the twisted teeth. The twisted/bent teeth can cause the zipper to separate, so it is better to deal with it early on. Use a needle, a pair of tweezers, or pliers to correct the teeth. Hold the teeth firmly to ensure you are straightening them correctly. Lubricate the teeth well to ensure they do not lock together again, and you are good to go.

Unjamming a fastener

You can use a little grease to loosen the material on a jammed fastener. The fastener can get wedged due to long periods of it not being in use. The first step to take when unjamming the fastener is to wipe the zipper. Use a clean rag with soapy water to clean and remove any dirt on the fastener. Use a damp cloth to remove the soapy residue. Lubricate the fastener. You can do this by using the grease above. You can also use other known lubricants like petroleum jelly or any butter or oil that you have nearby. Once that is done, check to see if the fastener is unjammed. If not, repeat the lubricating process a few more times until it starts to work.

Dealing with a broken zipper

One of the things you will have to deal with when learning how to fix a tent zipper is fixing a broken zipper. You can start by examining the zipper to see the damage's extent. If it is possible to fix the slider, check any damage and fix it accordingly; it might include squeezing or lubricating and replacing the stoppers.

 You might also have to replace the broken parts with new ones. Remove the slider using pliers by pulling out the stoppers. Attach a new slider and replace the old stoppers with new ones, and your zipper will be as good as new.

tent zipper repair

Mending the zipper with a repair kit

There are many different repair kits available that can help when it comes to tent zipper replacement or tent zipper repair. You need to make sure you have the best repair kit. Most kits don't include a pair of pliers, so make sure to pack a pair when going camping. The repair kits usually have different items available like sliders, needle and thread, and seam rippers.

The instructions above show how to mend a zipper with a repair kit; use the pliers to remove the seam, pull the slider off the track, replace it with a new one found in the repair kit, and finally use the needle and thread to resew the seam once the new slider is in place.

Repairing the zipper without a kit

If you are caught without a zipper repair kit, you can still fix the zipper. Use a zip tie to act as a zip pull you can also attach some thread or key ring as above to get a makeshift zip pull. Use adjustable pliers to return the slider into place if the teeth are separating. Squeeze the pliers until the track gets back to its place.

To make the zipper run smoothly, run a pencil along the track. The pencil deposits graphite, which acts as a lubricant and makes the slider move faster. If the problem is that the zipper has stuck fabric, use soap to remove it. The soap can be either liquid or a block of bar soap. Apply it on the clothing and pull gently until it gets out. You can also make a small cut under the stuck area and remove the fabric that way.

Conclusion: There are many solutions for how to fix a tent zipper, as we have seen. Ensure you are well equipped when going out with a tent to ensure you have everything you need to fix it. You can have a zipper repair kit with you to make things easier. Fix your tent zipper with these easy steps and enjoy the outdoors.