Hammock Camping In Cold Weather | Best Guides For Campers

Probably the most adventurous and challenging part of a hammock is camping with a hammock in cold weather. Yes, it really is a challenge to choose hammock over tent for camping in cold weather as tent provides insulation. Yet you can beat the insulation of a tent with the hammock during winter if you have the right gears.

Today, we’ll try our best to show you how you can defeat the cold weather with the hammock camping. We will discuss about the right equipment that you’ll need for camping in cold with a hammock. Besides that, you’d also be able to learn the way and methods to set yourself with a hammock in the cold weather from this tutorial.

Some convenience of camping during winter

  • There are several advantages to camp in winter. You don’t have to worry about bugs, mosquitos or any other insects.
  • You can do some heavy works and don’t get tired! That’s a huge advantage of winter as you can work twice than summer time.
  • You can easily set up the hammock between trees or even rocks. Cause hammocks are camp friendly.

Comparison between a hammock and a tent in the cold weather

If you wish to buy a tent for camping in cold weather it’s all right. A durable tent that lasts for several seasons is obviously a good choice for camping in the cold. But there are enormous advantages that a hammock has for camping in the cold you can’t deny.

Among those advantages things that worth mention are that a hammock is lightweight. This means you won’t need heavy packing for camping in the cold. You can see the ENO Singlenest hammock as an example. They are super lightweight.

Another major advantage of a hammock in winter is you don’t have to sleep in the cold ground. This is exceptionally beneficial for snow-covered ground. You’d certainly not like to sleep in the icy ground with the thin surface of a tent.

These are the measures you need to consider before choosing between a hammock and a tents. Because these two things have a whole different way, purpose and advantage in the cold.


The best preparation for the hammock camping in cold

Preparing yourself for the trip is always important. Rich preparation means thinking in advance for the toughest situation. This will also ensure you get an adventure to the fullest.

However, our job is to prepare you the best for winter camping. But don’t forget that good preparation is always required to enhance your camping experience whether in winter or summer.

Now let’s move to equipment, steps, and description about those that you’ll need for camping.

Compulsory Equipment

  • The hammock and its accessories. Accessories including rope or straps that are needed for hanging the hammock.
  • Rainfly is also required to camp in the cold. Rainfly not only covers for rain but also it covers for snow as well.
  • Talking a sleeping bag is very important for camping in winter. A mummy style sleeping bags are perfect for camping in cold weather. We recommend taking a mummy bag.

Optional Equipment

  • Underquilt adds an additional layer for the hammock camping in the cold. A source of extra insulation for the hammock.
  • The sleeping pad is a true companion during winter. It could be a substitution for a pillow and works as a warmer.

Hammock accessories:

Hammock and its accessories are the fundamental needs for hammock camping in the cold. You can forget to take something in the trip but obviously, you can’t forget about taking the hammock. Accessories for the hammock includes hammock straps or ropes.

Other utilities like anchor point are also among hammock accessories but not so suitable for camping during winter. But anchors are effective to set the hammock on rocks though. Be sure to take all the things that are needed to hang your hammock.


Rainfly is very important for camping with a hammock in the winter. Camper knows how rough the weather could be! Rainfly is like a shield from snow and wind as long as there’s no cold storm coming. So pack it giving the most priority.

Sleeping bag:

The sleeping bag is essential for camping in the cold. You can simply use it for wrapping yourself. It will absorb a lot of cold to keep you warm and comfortable. We’ve already mentioned that we recommend using a mummy shaped sleeping bag. Because the mummy style sleeping bag is more suitable for cold weather.


Underquilt is fairly usable in cold weather. You’ll find various types of underquilt in the market. Try to buy the one that you can insert in your hammock. This means you can buy it based on the hammock model. You already know why we ask you to have an underquilt. This will give you extra protection from the cold.

Sleeping Pad:

The sleeping pad gives you the convenience of a pillow and works as a pad for the hammock fairly. Your body will slightly compress the pad and ensure the utmost warmth and comfort. You can simply roll it over the hammock, it’s a typical back blanket! However, it’s an optional thing that you can do for an additional facility.

Choosing the right place to set up the camp

Choosing the place correctly to set up the camp is important about camping in cold weather. You would not be willing to camp in a windy place. You need to select a place where there’s not too much wind. Try to set the camp next to a rock to use it as a wall if there’s too much wind. You’re good to go after this step.

Conclusion: If you wish to camp in winter when the temperature is below 0° Celsius, go with the proper equipment that we mentioned about and get enough preparation. If the weather gets too hairy or you face any kind of storm just be ready to cancel the trip. That’s all for today! We hope this article is enough to get you fully prepared for going to hammock camping during cold weather.