How To Make Easy Camping Planning For New Campers

Did you know that tent camping is an amazing family activity? Well, it is. I have been camping with my family for over a decade now and it has been an interesting experience. Let me share with you a simple guide to camping with your family if you are a first-timer.

Before we get down to that though let me mention something. The best camping experiences starts with your family. If your family loves the outdoors you will have a memorable time. It is that simple.

Learn How to Pack for Camping Trips

This is the most important tip. It is the basic tip that everyone else should learn. Here are some of the best methods that have worked to use a lot.

Rubbermaid Gallons

Containers make the best packing methods for camping site trips. They hold so much, they are waterproof, critters can’t access them easily, they stack up nicely, and you won’t have to drag them around campsites.

Space Bags

Another best option is the use of space bags. There is a large type that requires a vacuum cleaner to remove the air inside. These bags allow any camper to get great space. They are also easy to carry around and will keep dust away.

How To Make Easy Camping Planning

How to Sleep in a Camp Site

Sleeping on the rough ground isn’t easy unless you are on survivor series. Unfortunately, many campers have to withstand this type of sleeping experience. Well, it doesn’t have to always be like that.

You can always invest in an inflatable mattress. A good mattress should have a pump of its own. The pump should use batteries so that you don’t have to suffer when there is no electricity. Bring in a set of blankets too for the kids and in case the weather is cold.

Make the Campsite a Home Away from Home

You are going to spend close to two days or more here. If that’s the case, why not make the campsite a home away from home? You don’t have to miss anything. Some tricks that you can always use include the following.

  • Choose a campsite with a power source
  • Bring a fan for the hot days
  • Bring blankets to keep you warm
  • Always have a flushing portable toilet
  • Create some games you can play

Pack the Right Clothing Always

Put simply, there is no excuse in packing the wrong clothes when going camping. I want to advice first timers camping sprees are not the runway fashion shows, hell no. This outdoor event is very enjoyable.

However, it can easily turn out to be a very bad experience if you have the wrong clothes. Study the weather, know the location that you are visiting, and pack according to the season. It will be of great help.

If you have kids in the pack, plan for two cloths a day. Bring in warm pajamas, socks, and long-sleeved sweaters.

Get Prepared for an Accident

I am not saying that an accident will occur. However, it can occur. Someone can fall, bump their head, and break a bone, all in the name of excitement or an accident. Always remember to carry a first aid kit.

In addition to that, have an emergency number on speed dial. This is also a very important tip. I have seen other people coming with snake-bite kits too, just in case. It is called being prepared to the teeth.

Plan for the Right Camping Menu

You have to eat, that’s for sure. The best Camping Planning Guide for New Campers and the pros will have a camping menu. This is the core of the beauty. What will you eat? How will you get the food?

If I am camping for a few days, I love camp sites with the river. Rivers are great when you can fish and make your own fillet – just saying. It is an awesome experience too.

Learn How to Cook Using the Camp Fire

The best thing about camping is this; it teaches you a few vita life hacks. One of the best that I have used along the way is campfire cooking. You should learn this trick since it is going to come in handy. Try it out on your backyard first.

Conclusion: With these tips that we have here, you should have an awesome time with your family. Nonetheless, you can always design your own Camping Planning Guide for New Campers too and help your pals that are starting out.

With the right tips that you can collect over time, you will have the best camping experiences too. Start with what we have here and develop other cool tricks of your own too. They are simple and easy to go with always. Good luck too.