Ways To Keep The Yurt Cool In The Summer

Keeping your yurt cool in the summer and hot in the winter is an important consideration as the weather can hover around -30°F in winter night while 104°F in the summer night.

Today yurts are being popular across the world, and most people are wondering about how to keep their yurts comfortable in all weather.

However, if you are interested to learn about how to keep your yurt cool in the summer, keep it reading.

Ways to keep the yurt cool in the summer

How Does A Yurt Maintain Heating and Cooling

A yurt can maintain the temperature in all weather because of its round shape, which naturally promotes air circulation. Its round shape design distributes light, heat, and cooled air more effectively than a square and rectangular building.

Compared to a rectilinear structure with the same square footage, a round building has a 12% less exposed surface area, which helps maintain overall energy efficiency.

If a yurt is set up in the shaded area, then it will have cooler all summer. But, if a yurt is set up in the unprotected spot and sunny area, then it will be tough to keep yurt cool.

How To Keep Yurt Cool In The Summer

There are many ways to keep your yurt cool in the summer. You can use one of these features below or use multiple features for personalization customization.

Attach Reflective Insulation

Attaching reflective insulation in the yurt will be helpful in hot and exposed areas. It is developed by NASA to help stop radiant heat. Otherwise, it would enter via fabric covers

Use an Air Conditioner

If you have AC, using it in your yurt would be the best option as it has a big impact on keeping yurt cool.

Ways to keep the yurt cool

Add an Operable Dome Skylight

The operable dome skylight keeps away hot air by pulling cool air through the windows, doors, or floor vents that promote natural convection cooling.

Keep Ducts In The Platform

If you like centralized, air-forced HVAC, you can set up ducts under the platform and install register on the floor.

Expand Circulation By Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan that is attached to the yurt’s middle area maximizes the convective cooling process. And a reversible fan can thrust hot air up during summer and down in the winter months. So the ceiling fan is a very helpful option when it comes to expanding air circulation

Place A Platform Vent

You can place platform vents to transfer cool air up from underneath the platform in the yurt

Include a tinted dome or center ring with a shade screen

It minimizes the passive solar heat by entering your yurt through the dome. If you want to maximize the winter passive heating using a non-tinted dome, choose a screen shade in warmer months and bug screen in the cooler months.


Normally in the hill area, the weather temperature drops a lot when the sun goes down and raises the temperature so much when the sun rises. To get rid of this situation, you can open windows at night and close them in the daytime.