How Can I Set The Hammock Strap Easily- Set The Hammock Strap Easily

To set up a hammock-outdoors hassle-free, there are few things you have to know that is essential for both your safety and comfort.

One of them is to learn how to use hammock straps correctly.

Because there are different types of hammock straps available in the market and each of them may need unique skill or knowledge to use it properly.

In this guide, you are going to learn about all the types of hammock straps and how to use them rightly so that you could have a comfortable and pleasant time in the grove area.


Eco-Friendly Straps

If you have straps that are about two inches thick, have metal things, and come with S-shaped hooks then you likely have eco-friendly straps. The eco-friendly straps would be best for you if you want to use it on trees. But they are heavier than other straps. I don’t recommend anyone to buy this one as I have experienced with it. As mentioned the name eco-friendly, it doesn’t mean they are also an environmentally friendly option.

How to use eco- friendly straps:

The positive thing to use eco-friendly straps that they are most of the time long enough both the anchor point and suspension line.

Here the easiest way to use Eco-friendly Straps

  • Place the cloth loop where the facing where the hammock will be hung
  • Wrap the end with the metal ring around the tree
  • Bring this end back through the cloth loop and pull it tight against the tree
  • Reverse your wrapping direction and wrap the strap with the metal end back around the tree to the length you want.
  • pull it back through the cloth loop, and attach it to your hammock using an S-hook.

Easily Adjustable Straps

Easily adjustable straps have many loops on one hand and they are super easy to use. If you are new to hammocking and don’t own straps then I recommend you to buy this one as they are easy to use.
Actually, the number of loops and the length of straps make it easy to adjust your hammock accurately and get the desired hang every time.

How To Use Adjustable Straps:

  • Wrap the strap around the tree
  • Feed the end of the strap that has the loops through the other end of the strap
  • Pull it tight against the tree
  • Clip the carabiner to the end loop and to your hammock
  • Congratulates! You are done.
Consideration: Using hammock straps will be very easy once you can dominate the tactic. In my post, I think you are able to find a method that works for you and be able to go out and relax. If you feel that you are not able to find a way that works for you, please let me know in the comment below. Happy hang time!