Sleep Better While Camping | 7 Common Essential Tips

If you have been out camping, then you must have seen guys who couldn’t just sleep. Well, it happens. Before I realized these 7 Awesome Tips to Sleep Better While Camping, I often had bad nights when out camping. Thankfully, this hasn’t been the case ever since I found this simple and smart lifeline.

So what are these seven sleeping tips when camping? I am going to list all of them down here. Take a look.

Pitch Your Tent in the Best Place

Who can fall asleep on a prickly surface? I can’t. That’s the trick. If you want a good sleep you have to find a cozy place to lie on. What his means is that you have to pitch your camping tent in the best place.

The area you choose should be smooth. It should be free of any prickly objects. You can always clear the place before you pitch the tent. Here are some of the things that you’ll have to get rid of.

  • Twigs
  • Rocks
  • Pebbles
  • Thorns
  • Broken Glasses

NOTE: These things are also bad for the tent. If you erect the tent over them, they will damage the tent floor. They will either hole it or tear it and leave it with unwanted leakages.

Sleep Better While Camping

Keep the Bathroom Close

Not so close if you dug a pit. However, if you have an odorless portable flushable toilet, you can simply keep it close. These portable camping toilets are best because they don’t smell and are easy to dispose of . Keeping the bathroom close means you can slip out of the tent, go for a short call and come back to sleep before you lose the touch with sleep.

Get the Best Sleeping Bag

I must say that cold is one thing that will keep you awake throughout the night. And if you didn’t know, too much warmth will cause the same. You will sweat profusely and lie on a wet surface. That is one way to get uncomfortable.

Even so, the right sleeping bag will keep you cozy enough. It will leave you with optimal warmth and a great way to enjoy your sleep. For cold weathers, a snug fit mummy bag will be cool. Use rectangular bags for the summer and spring.

Sleeping Bag

Avoid the Sugars

I know most of you guys love hot chocolate. Well, that’s a campsite classic someone has to love it. Even so, taking too much sugary stuff will keep you awake for long. The best thing to do is to enjoy herbal tea. Chamomile is good for body relaxation and will help you to sleep better.

Stay Active Through the Day

Have you ever noticed that if you worked out during the day you’ll sleep better at night? Well, that’s the trick. When the body is kind of worn out, it tends to crave for some resting time. A good way to rest is to sleep.

So don’t stay dormant during the day. Instead, engage in games, play around with your pals, go hiking, and you will have a great night sleep.

Warm the Sleeping Bag

Sleeping in a cold bag is as good as sleeping under the snow. It is not easy. Your body takes time to spread the warm until an optimal point. The sleeping wave then comes later into the night. A good way to prevent this is to warm your sleeping bag.

A good way to warm the sleeping bag is to pour warm water in a bottle and then slide the bottle inside the sleeping bag. Let the bottle lie there for half an hour before you get inside the sleeping bag.

Manage the Insects and Mosquitoes

Whichever the case, make sure that your tent has a mosquito net. You can also apply a mosquito and insect repellant cream. And if you want to sleep under the stars, drag a mosquito net outside.

Bonus Tip

It is said around the campers that exposing yourself to sunlight also helps you to sleep at night. The explanation for this is simple. Your body has a self-regulator that prompts it to know when it is time to sleep. So, with more sunlight, if night comes the body responds to the call of nature.

Conclusion: To sleep better when out camping, you also have to set your mind that you are in a new environment. Guys who can’t adjust to the beautiful touch of nature won’t sleep easily. Thankfully, it is a trick that seasoned campers have perfected so don’t worry, you’ll get there.

Nonetheless, just make sure that you take follows these awesome tips that I have here. They have been of great help to me. Today, when I am out camping, I simply sleep like a kind. It is an awesome feeling.