Ozark Trail 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

A cabin tent is a perfect home when you want to go out from your house. When you want to hit the road with loved ones or go for a picnic, choosing the best cabin tent will save your day. From beach parties, camping sprees, to hikes, an awesome cabin tent will also be there. Let’s take a look at the ozark trail 8 person instant tent review and see why you need this cabin tent.

Ozark Trail 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review


Brand: Ozark Trail

Closure Type: Zipper

Occupancy/Capacity: 8 Person

Floor Area: 13' x 9' feet

Height: 78"

Color: Blue/Tan

Item Weight: 24.02 lbs

windows: 5 windows

Seasons: 4 seasons

Pole Material: steel (pre-attached poles)

Fabric Type: Polyester

Waterproof: N/A

Shape: Square

Setup Time: 60 second

Variation: 8 Person


  • Easy 60 seconds setup
  • No tools assembling technique
  • Pre-attached Poles to stabilize the tent
  • Fits eight people using sleeping bags perfectly
  • Its floor fits two queen airbeds easily
  • Includes a super light rainfly
  • The rainfly has sealed seams


  • Catches dirt easily
  • Comes with a single front door


If you need a tent that sets up in less than 60 seconds, this tent is the best for you. It is well-designed to withstand any type of outdoor use. The tent is also stylish and will leave you with a better feeling about yourself.

For those who want a tent to move around with, this tent is very cool. It is long-lasting and has been customized to give you the perfect thrill. When using this tent you can bring a bed, a few chairs, and a collapsible table.

Features Description 

Here are some of the best features of this high-end tent as highlighted by the best ozark trail instant tent reviews.

Welded Tub Floor: High-end tents are using welded-tub-floor technology. The technology protects you from harsh weather elements including dew, rain, moisture, and water that might gather under the tent floor. It is a great way of keeping you dry.

How a Welded Tub Floor Works: A welded-tub-floor doesn’t use any cross seams to connect the flooring materials. Instead, the floor seams are perfectly sealed to keep these harsh elements away. It also keeps all the seams on the sides at an elevated angle so that no seam touches the ground.

Since the welded-tub-floor is raised on the sides, it will also prevent your tent from being pulled by the wind.

Polyester Material: To maximize its lifespan, protection, and performance under harsh outdoor weather, the cabin tent also uses heavy-gauge polyester material. The material is waterproof and will not allow any leakages even under heavy rain. It will keep the tent dry, free of debris, and above all make sweeping an enjoyable task.  

Steel Frame: Apart from the polyester material, the frame of the tent is also made up of steel alloy. The steel alloy is durable and strong. It gives the tent a long-lasting edge and prevents your tent from pitching weakly. The steel frame is also coated to prevent any corrosion.

The frame uses a free-standing technology. This is a great technology for anyone who is just starting out on the ozark trail instant tents.

Rainfly: The rainfly directs the rain droplets to slide smoothly over the tent’s side without getting inside. It minimizes the impact of the droplets, improves the water-proofing, and adds style to the tent. The rainfly is removable which makes it very flexible when you want to pack up the tent. It is also made of sealed seams which make it much more resistant to water.

Electrical Cord Access: That’s not all. The tent also supports an electrical cord access point. You can, therefore, have temporary wiring in your tent. You can set up a lighting point and bring in an extension or charging socket.

5 Windows: Another great thing that this cabin tent offers is a 360 degrees view. This is possible because every side of the tent has a window. When these windows are coupled with enough room to guarantee an upright posture, it offers a great view. So whichever side you are facing, you can always gaze at the cool environment too.

Large Door: Even so, the large door steals the show. The tent comes with a single front door that’s large. Thanks to the door’s double design and zippered technology. Large doors are best for these cabins since they provide easy entry and quick operation.

Advantages of Using this Tent: There are many reasons to choose this tent. However, some of the coolest ones include the following.

Capacity: The smart ozark trail 8 person tent has a huge capacity. It can comfortably host 8 people and still spare some room to move around. The tent has a good height that allows users to move around while standing in upright positions. Its height stands at six-foot and six-inch at the center. It can also fit two queen airbeds in case you opt for the beds other than the sleeping bags.

Easy Setup: Apart from being an eight-person tent, this tent offers easy setup. The tent requires no tools to assemble since all its poles are pre-attached to the main tent. This means that if you want to set it up you will just unfold it and pull it out. Upon doing that, the tent should be ready to use in 60 seconds or less.

Best Weight: The cabin tent also weighs only 24.02 lbs. This makes it an ultra-light design. Thankfully, the size is at 13' x 9' x 78" which makes it super wide and light for groupies. You can, therefore, carry it around often without noticing if you’ve got any additional weight.

Carry Bag: With a carry-on bag, this cabin tent is sure to last. The carry-on bag will protect your tent from debris, dirt, and dust. It will also provide an easy storage pack and the perfect transportation design. 

Extra Storage Space :According to the best ozark trail 8 person instant cabin tent reviews, the tent also offers additional storage space. It has two gear pockets in the inside and another set of gear organizers. This additional space will allow you to keep your camping accessories properly arranged and organized.

The Not So Good :While Ozark Trail 13' x 9' Instant Cabin Tent is generally a good tent. It has a few things that might not be so good.

The tent has a single front door with double entry. This means it doesn’t have two doors. This might slightly seem like a bother with a huge group getting in and going out. In addition to that, the tent catches dirt easily. If used around dusty areas, it will easily catch dirt and if it’s left un-cleaned will dull.

How it Works

Operating the instant cabin tent is easy. The tent is supported by 13 tent stakes. The tent stakes are pre-attached to the tent so that you don’t have to assemble them manually.

Due to this, all you need to do is to open up the tent and pull it out. As you pull, your tent will stretch out and open to full size.

Once your tent is stretched out, you can set up the rainfly and then pull it out to the pegs. You can then use your tent. However, it is important to spread out a ground cloth under the tent before you stretch it out.

The ground cloth will prevent your tent from lying right on top of the ground. It will also keep the tent safe from debris, sharp stones, and broken glasses that might damage it. Using a ground cloth will extend your tent’s lifespan.

Verdict: Ozark trail 8 person instant cabin tent review summery. It is simple to set up and easy to pack. The best thing about this tent is a huge space. Many ozark trail instant tent reviews agree that this tent is very spacious.

If you were to access it with seven others, you’ll be surprised at how much freedom you have to move. You will easily move around, interact, and sleep. When we tested this tent, however, it took slightly longer to set up.

But that’s nothing big to worry about. Anyone who needs a good roof over their head will know that a great setup is vital. So take your time and give it a good setup.