Colorado NTK Tent Review | Fit For 7-12 Person

Colorado ntk tent review! For the guys who love to camp, having a tent is a basic necessity. It is the perfect way to get a temporary outdoor shelter and one of the best ways to have a place to cool off in. Whether you are out beaching, hiking, or having a picnic, you must have a tent to take you through.

Brand:  NTK

Closure Type:  Zipper

Occupancy/Capacity: 9 Person

Doors: 2 Door

Height: 1.85m / 6.07ft

Color: Dark Teal

Item Weight: 23.6 Pounds

Pockets: Utility

Seasons: 3 Season

Pole Material: Fiberglass

Fabric Type: Polyester

Water Resistance : 2500 millimeters

Shape: Square Dome

Setup: Easy and quick setup

Variation: 7-8/9-10/11-12 person


  • Maximum space for a large family
  • Easy assembly for a quick gathering
  • Long-lasting and durable touch under heavy use
  • Maximum waterproof touch even under heavy rains
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  • Large doors that ease up traffic and makes the tent easy to use.


  • Small size E-Port
  • No darkroom technology

Overview: The tent is simple to set up and quite accommodating. It has been fitted with different technologies that will give you the maximum protection from harsh weather.

NTK tents are cabin tents with maximum space and a durable edge. They will easily withstand heavy use and harsh weather impact. More importantly, the tent can easily hold a queen size mattress and still leave enough space to move around.

If you need a durable cabin tent that has epitomized comfort and innovation, this tent is the bomb. Take a look at some of the best features of the ntk colorado tent to understand why you need this design.

Key Features Of NTK Laredo GT 8 To 9 Person 10

colorado NTK Tent Review

First, let us look at the different types of features that this tent will leave you with any time you use it.  you can see there website here but there have not more information as like as here.

Polyester Laminated Material

As if that’s not enough, this tent also adorns one of the best materials. The laminated 190T Polyester Material is very durable. It comes with a double layer retouch and a polyurethane addition.

Why this Material?

This material makes it easy to clean the tent. It also minimizes any damages from the sun’s heat and other harsh environmental factors. It is durable and will withstand any other rigorous uses. More importantly, the material offers a high-end waterproof touch. It has a 2500 mm water column resistance that has made it a darling of many users.

Partially Aluminum Frame

And to make sure that you get the value for your money, the tent comes with a metallic alloy frame. The frame is partially forged out of aluminum so that it withstands heavy wear and tear. This makes the frame one of the best for your camping needs.

Full Coverage Rainfly

The rainfly is another interesting technology when it comes to the ntk colorado tent. It is a unique rainfly that offers full coverage around the main tent. Due to this, you don’t have to get worried about the heaviest downpours or even the hailstones.

Fully Sealed Tent Seam

The tent seams are also sealed completely. According to the ntk arizona gt tent reviews, the tent designers have incorporated the heat welded technology. This is a mechanism by which all the places where the fabric joins are completely sealed for protection.

The sealing technology provides protection against the suns harmful UV rays, heavy rains, dew, moisture, and other harsh weather conditions. They will also prevent the tent from being carried away by heavy winds as the technology elevates the edges of the tent.

Large-Size Mesh Vents

To maximize the flow of air, the windows have found perfect support from the large size mesh vents. The vents are good at providing additional ventilation. They will be kind to you even if you intended to sleep under the moonlit clear night sky.

Mosquito Mesh Technology

Apart from the additional vents, the tent also offers a well-designed mosquito mesh. The mesh is great for clear views and insect-free ventilation. It will save you from the painful mosquito bites and also keep bugs and other insects away.

2 Large D-style Doors

To provide easy operation for the people in the tent, the tent technology comes with two large D-styled doors that you can use. The large doors provide higher flexibility with a quick movement and easy flow of traffic in and out of the tent.

Utility Pockets

And just to ensure that you have enough space to keep the tent neatly organized, the designers added two utility pockets. They also gave simple to use gear loft that provides you with maximum storage.

  • Sleeps up to 8
  • seasons 3
  • 2 D Style doors
  • 2.05m / 6.7ft center high
  • weight 11kg / 24.9Lb
NTK Tent Review
  • Sleeps up to 12
  • seasons 3
  • 2 D Style doors
  • center high 2.1m/6.9ft 
  • weight 18.04kg / 39.77Lb

Benefits of the NTK Tent

Now let’s take a look at what you will benefit in case you choose to buy this awesome cabin tent.  

3 Windows Tent

The windows are adequate for the remaining three sides with no door. They are easy to operate and will leave you with the perfect view. More importantly, the windows will also maximize the free flow of air so that you get a fresh breathe all the way through.

Super Height

Sitting at 6.2 ft in height, this tent also provides maximum comfort for its users. You can move about easily without having to bend your neck or head. This great height also maximizes the space and ensures that everyone enjoys an equivalent of the comfort that they get at home right here.


Just like the other top brands that you have seen, this one also offers so much space too. It will comfortably fit between 9 and 10 people including the adults and kids. The users will easily move around, enjoy private spaces, and drag in their luggage too.

Easy Assembly

To make your experience with this cabin tent memorable, the tent gives you an easy to assemble edge. It comes with a set of color-coded poles that you can match to pitch your tent. The color codes are easy to match and won’t cause you to strain at any time.

NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person 10

Does the NTK Tent Have a Long-Lasting Design?

Gauging from what I have highlighted, my answer to this question will be on the affirmative. The tent has a high-end material. Apart from that, it has the heat-welded floor which means no damage can easily occur to it.

Nonetheless, the tent also uses 100% NANO-FLEX corded fiberglass tent rods. The rods have an improved diameter and also come with gold plated double ferrules. This is not only ideal but also great for easy use and protection.

Floor Design 

On the floor is a seamless polyethylene with top-notch anti-fungal touch. It is also coated with a layer of silver that will keep the tent floor dry at all times. This means that you will enjoy much more than just longevity but also superb protection.

The Downside

There is no major downside to this tent design. The most comprehensive ntk tent reviews have hailed this tent as being among the top designs. However, this tent doesn’t support darkroom technology. This means falling asleep can be tricky on a sunny day.

It zipper port isn’t also wide enough for the bigger cable to pass through. Nonetheless, the port still provides additional protection and efficiency when it comes to using the correct type of cable.

Proper Care of the NTK Tent

I know that you want your tent to last. Well, this is simple. Make sure that you follow the user manual to the latter. Again, you should use the tent within the given wind speed limits. After the tent is used, make ensure that you clean it properly, dry it, and then you can fold it and store in the carry bag.

7 to 8 Person Tent

Verdict: The NTK tents are a superb design. They have properly captured the modern trends and completed a unique design for the new campers. Many people who love outdoor activities have attested to this top-class tent design.

The best colorado ntk tent reviews also include numerous reasons why other users love this tent. Well, that’s just a tip of the iceberg. If you tried this tent you will notice that the sloppy design gives it an easy way to keep rain water out.

 It is also easy to set up and you don’t have to worry about the interior getting wet. For great outdoor tent designs, this tent will give you so much more than just the value for your money. Grab it today and have the perfect outdoor activity.

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