Living In A Tent To Save Money | It Is Legal To Live In A Tent?

There are different methods through which a person can save enough money to cater for their basic needs, such as living in a tent to save money. Why rent a house and make someone else productive, yet you can use that money to make yourself rich? Living off-grid is becoming a trend nowadays, with more people trying to stay away from the luxuries of modern life. This article will provide more information about living in tents.

how to live in a long-term tent

Why Do People Decide to Live in A Tent?

There are various reasons why people live in a of them is to cut down on costs. This helps them save some money. Others may want to satisfy their spirit of adventure. Living in a tent allows you to move from one place to another quickly. All you should do is fold your tent, pack your items and move. Plus, it allows one to take new challenges.

Can You Live in A Tent Long-Term?

Yes. You can live in a tent for as long as you wish, even if it means living there permanently. Long term tent living helps you save on rent and other utility bills. However, before you decide to move out and live off-grid, you must learn how to live in a long-term tent.

Where am I going to live?

This has been a popular question among those who want to switch to living in a tent full time. Some also inquire whether it is legal to live in a tent on your land. In some situations, it is legal while in others, it is illegal. For instance, you may be arrested or fined for living in a tent without having a building on your land. Plus, if you rent your land to campers, you can be arrested. Nevertheless, you can set a tent on your land as long as you own a house on the same land.

Forested areas are popular areas for camping. You can pith the tent anywhere if you have the can live in the national forest area as long as it has no limitations. However, on private land, you have to seek permission from the owner. Flat grounds are the best areas to live in. Hilly areas are a significant threat to your safety. Plus, live in a campsite with a natural windbreak.

it is legal to live in a tent on your land

Things to Consider Before Deciding to Live in A Tent Full Time

Before you decide to live in a tent full time, there are several essential things that you should think about. They include the following:

Source of food and water

Your source of food and water relies on your location. You may decide to set up a tent near a stream or decide to store some water in your tent. However, keep in mind that you can’t store a large amount of food.


Do a lot of research on the safety of your chosen location. Avoid hilly areas. Choose forested areas with no wild animals.


select a location that is easy to access. Consider the distance from your campsite to not choose an area far away from where you work


The drainage of a place is crucial. Do not stay near pools of water as you can easily acquire waterborne diseases.

Long term tent living

What Are the Benefits of Living in A Tent?

Are there any benefits that you will get from living in a tent? Let us find out some of the positive side of living in a tent.

Minimizes on expenses

A person living in a tend does not have to pay rent. Also, secondary needs, such as televisions are entirely cut off. One can easily save their coin as you only have to buy and other basic needs.

Portable living

Unlike houses, tents can be replaced at any time. You can also move from one place to another.

Healthy living

Since tents do not have electricity, you do not require equipment such as microwaves. Cooking is done healthily. The green trees and plants help to relax your mind.

Best Tent Sizes for Permanent Living

Choosing the correct tent size is not an easy task. A tent appears large when empty. For permanent living, I recommend the use of a large tent with enough rooms. An extra room makes it feel like a home. It can also accommodate your guests.

What about the drawbacks? Living in a tent has many benefits, but it also some disadvantages. The negative sides include the following:

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Concerns about security and theft

This is one of the disadvantages of long term tent living. Tent break-ins are very popular. The lack of door locks and solid walls makes theft a significant issue in tent living. If you are camping on your land or land with permission, you can dig a hole and cement it. This can act as your safe. Never leave your valuables in a tent unless you are there to guard it.

Cost of wear and tear

Wear and tear costs are relatively cheap. You can use specially designed tapes to repair nylon tents and use patches for the canvas tents. Tents, if properly used, can last for a year or more. Choose an extra durable one to minimize repairs. Always carry out any necessary repairs to avoid further damage.

Limited space storage

A tent may not accommodate lots of items. But you can come up with some great ideas to save on space. Use a rack style bed that is a little bit raised off the floor. This allows you to keep other storage boxes under the bed. Use hanging racks to store clothing. For canvas tents, you can sow hanging pouches on the walls.

Heating cooling options

Weather conditions vary at times, and you may be forced to either heat or cool your tent. Heating a nylon tent is different from heating a canvas tent. A canvas tent can accommodate a wood stove without melting or burning. It makes canvas tents the best for long term tent living. You have to be very cautious while heating a nylon tent as nylon quickly melts. When it comes to Cooling, you only need to open the vents and use fans. The vents will allow in the fresh air.

Toilet facilities and showers

This is a concern that most people have with living in a tent. A camping park and a caravan contain the above if you are staying on either of them, you are well sorted. If you are staying on someone else land or public land, you will have to use a chemical or composting toilet. For the showers, you can get a powerful solar-heated shower from an online shop.

Conclusion: Living in a tent to save money is not a decision that can be made within a short time. Although it is possible to carry out long term tent living, it requires a lot of research. Keep in my all the crucial factors before rushing to move out. Once you have all you need to live off-grid, you can move out. Off-grid living can help you to save lots of money since you are not paying rent. This is like living freely. Furthermore, people who live full time in a tent are happier and more active.