Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent Review | Why Buy This Or Not?

Kodiak Truck tents are one of the newest types of tents in the market. These amazing truck tents can offer you the best on-the-go adventure. Unlike other tents, these types of tents are uniquely crafted to mount on specific trucks without much hassle. If you want to try a nomadic style of life, the Kodiak truck tents offer you such an opportunity. Kodiak canvas truck allows you to convert the back of your truck into a tent.

In this Kodiak truck tent review, we focus on its features and how to use it, an effort to help you find the right truck tent. Remember, in the market, you might see different models. For those who have not bought, it is worth to take a look at this high quality ten that Kodiak is providing. Before you purchase, ensure that the tent is compatible with your truck.

kodiak truck tent Review



Seasons: 4 Season

Color: Gray

Height: 5 feet

Weight: 30 pounds

Occupancy: 2 person

Waterproof : No

Shape: D Shape

Closure Type: Zipper

E-port: yes

Doors: 1 Hinged Door

Room: 1 Room

Windows: 5 side windows

Pole Material: Steel

Fabric Type: cotton

pocket: 2 convenient gear pockets

Setup time: 15 min

Setup Type: Conventional

Variation: 5.5ft/6.5ft/8ft


  • The tent is extremely easy to assemble and fit on the truck.
  • The five windows offer excellent ventilation for the tent
  • The tent is spacious enough. The tent comes with a regular size to fit a 5.5 - 6.8 ft. Bed.  The tent offers options for an extension to fit larger size beds - 8 -8.5 ft. Beds.
  • The windows have a layer of screen mesh. This is important in keeping bugs away.
  • The tent material is durable and strong. With such material, you get value for your money.
  • The tent comes with an additional two pockets that are useful in storing your gear
  • The tent is an all-weather tent
  • Great zippers
  • The bed is secured correctly to ensure a dry and comfortable sleep


  • Assembling takes quite some time
  • The tent cannot withstand strong wind
  • The assembling instruct is not very clear

Study your truck and compare it with the tents available in the market. The Kodiak truck tent is compatible with few trucks. The lucky trucks include Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan, Ford Cars (F-Series), GMC Sierra and the Chevy Silverado. For these trucks, you should pick the right size.

When mounted, the tent has a tunnel shape with a height of 5ft. hence, have a larger internal space. The frame of the tent is of versatile steel tubes. The steel is sturdy enough to support the weight of the tent. Actually, the steel is ¾ of an inch and you can easily connect to a  clamp-on rail which fits on the truck bed for a secure fit. The frame is excellent for all seasons of the year. However, the frame cannot withstand continuous snow accumulation.

The kodiak canvas truck bed tent is high performing, thanks to the Hydra-Shield 100 – percent cotton duck canvas. The material is very durable, thus conferring a longer life for your tent. Besides, it has a watertight but, breathable model. The seams are reliable, and they have the necessary reinforcement in the right places.  These features make it a high performing tent material.

The design of the tent allows it to have a larger D-shaped door. This door offers an easy way to access your tent. The doors have YKK zippers. The interior of the tent has two pockets that you can use to store your gear. With five windows you’ll have the best ventilation as well as openness within your tent.

Setting up the tent takes about 20 minutes. (you can also check my other article about  instant tent, popup tent, waterproof tent.)Always read the manufacturer's instructions while assembling, and follow them correctly. Attach the interior poles to the rails that you'll clamp to the side of the truck. The larger version of the tent comes with some extension that you'll need to screw in place.

On the tent, you also find an additional can access window. The window is essential if you want to run cables to power up your electronics. The best part with this window is that all the windows come with meshes. As your tent interior gets well ventilated, it is also protected from bugs. That implies that you'll have a safer interior.

Tips: before you purchase the tent, check the mattress size and the type of truck you own. This way you get the right size.

The Right Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent Buying Instruction 

It should be your primary goal to find the right tent for your truck. Otherwise, you'll waste your money. Some tents are truck specific. When you read this kodiak truck tent reviews, you'll get the right knowledge to help you to find the right type of tent for your truck. With the correct type of tent, you can enjoy your camping.

Consider the following when you intent to buy Kodiak canvas truck tent;

Consider the season

Although the Kodiak canvas truck tent works perfectly well in all seasons, it might not withstand extreme wind and accumulation of snow. These are a few situations that might make your tent not work well. If you intend to buy this type of tent, you must use it in areas without much wind and snow for it to last longer.

Your budget

This type of tent comes at a fair price as compared to other truck tents. At an average price of $369.99, you can purchase this 8-foot tent for your truck. If you can raise this money, then you can buy a tent.

Type of your car

The compatibility of this type of tent is limited to some cars, i.e., not all vehicles can fit this tent perfectly. The tent fits trucks like Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan, Ford Cars (F-Series), GMC Sierra and the Chevy Silverado. For any other car, it might be a bit hectic to fix. However, some tents come with extensions that you can use to mount on to your truck.


If you line tunneled shaped tents, then the Kodiak canvas truck tent makes the best option for you. The design of the tent you want is much determined by the type of truck you own. The design also determines the size of your tent.

Tent Poles

The poles of a tent coffer the require strength. That implies you need a more versatile pole. Besides, the number of poles per tent will determine how your tent will hold up in case of harsh environmental conditions. While few truck tents come with fiberglass poles, the Kodiak tent comes with steel frames. These frames are sturdy enough to withstand environmental conditions except for extreme snow accumulation.

Tent material

Cotton is one of the robust fabrics that make a tent material. The cotton is resistant to may weather elements thus confers a longer life to your tent. This is the material that the Kodiak ten is made of. Other materials you can get in the market include the polyester and nylon. When you opt to purchase the Kodiak canvas truck tent, then you agree to use the sturdy Hydra-Shield 100% cotton duck canvas.

Luggage accommodation

There are a few luggage that is essential for your camping. Therefore, you must carry them. It means you camping truck tent must have some space to carry the luggage. For the Kodiak tent, it comes with two pouches for you to keep your gear. This leaves you with enough floor space. Some other tents do not have such a provision.

Additional information - Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

kodiak canvas truck tent

When you go camping, it is crucial to find a decent place where you can pack your truck. That implies you should check if your campsite has decent parking spots – it should be level. While on camping ensure you use your time correctly so that when it comes to sleeping, you have a better night sleep.  You should get busy during the day with numerous activities.

As a camper, it is good practice to take care of your tent. If your tent does not perform well in wet weather, you can cover it with a tarp. Similarly, you can place the tarp on the floor. Park under shade is such is scorching, but ensure there are no sharp objects that can piece your tent. Remember to clean your tent cleans. Clean your tent after every camping and before you are going to another camp. While on camp, keep yourself clean.

If you read this Kodiak truck tent review, you'll realize that the tent is tough. You can use it to sleep on the hardened ground without feeling uncomfortable – it has a very comfortable bed. And, if you are camping in summer, it is excellent for shading you. Similarly, its ventilation allows fresh air in all the time.

FAQ Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

What is the height of the Kodiak truck tent?

The Kodiak truck tent has an average of 5ft. Height. The height gives you enough headroom. You can move around without bending your head if you are 5ft tall.

Does the tent have the floor?

The tent does not have the floor because it is mounted on a track. However, it does come with a mattress.

How long does it take to set-up the Kodiak truck tent?

The tent is very easy to set up. It takes about 20 minutes to set up. However, if it is the first time for you, it might take a bit longer time. For the first time, you need an average of 45 minutes.  It will require some practice to perfect. The tent has an installation manual.

How long does the tent last?

The tent is longer lasting because it is made up of durable material. However, you need to take great care of the tent for longevity. Cover it with a tarp in wet conditions or park under a shade when hot. These practices will make you use your tent for several years.

Can you use the Kodiak tent on a trailer?

As long as the tent fits perfectly, you can use it

Does this tent work well with all trucks?

Unfortunately, the specifications and features of this tent do not allow it to fit all types of trucks. It works well with a few trucks including Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan, Ford Cars (F-Series), GMC Sierra and the Chevy Silverado.

Conclusion: Without a doubt, Kodiak tents are a high-quality, waterproof and durable tent. The technology used to create these ten is unique. That is why it stands out among the rest. Though a new company in the market, Kodiak is perfect at its work of creating the tunnel shapes 8 ft. truck tents. This has made many people rate the tent highly.

Besides, being a performer in terms of quality and design, the tents offer you excellent shelter in different weather conditions. In fact, it is termed as the all-season tent. With this tent, you can convert your lifestyle within moments – from a camper to a nomad. And, all of them fit perfectly within the bracket.

As indicated by the Kodiak canvas truck tent review, this tent adds excellent uniqueness to your camping life. Give it great care for more extended service.