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If you never had the taste of sleeping outdoors, you couldn’t possibly imagine how amazing things you’re missing out. You won’t truly find the feelings of sleeping outdoors anywhere else. It’s a great way to enjoy yourself with friends, family or alone. Camping is fun but most people don’t even try because they think that they won’t enjoy it.

However, if you’re not among them and ready to go out and have some fun with tent camping, continue reading it. You’ll get everything you need to know for starting your first ever camping journey.

Essential Packing

  • Sleeping bags and pillows are a must for camping. Nights are usually cold outdoors.
  • Get a light source. Light is an essential thing to get first when it comes to camping. Take some spare batteries if you’re taking a torch.
  • Take the First aid kit. You’d never know when you need it.
  • Take a foldable chair. You’ll certainly need something to sit on and relax.
first time camping

Things That Every First-Time Camper Should Know

Choosing the Right Gears (Take a Bigger Tent)

As for the first time camping, it’s important to stick to the basics. The most important gear for camping is the tent you’re taking with you. So, it’s better to talk about the tent first. There’s a saying for new campers when it comes to a tent, “Never take a small tent for camping.”

Even if you’re camping alone don’t take a one-person tent. It’s because new campers often find them in an overcrowded tent. Always try to go for a bigger tent. Go for the one that you find most comfortable. This will make sure your first camping trip is not the last.

Get To Know Your Kits

Testing all your gears before leaving is a wise idea. Waiting to try out your kits/gears in the campground is an obvious mistake a new camper likely to do. No one wants to fight setting up their tent in the spot. To avoid such a situation, make sure you do know everything about your camping kits.

Therefore, you need to give a try to each of the things you’re taking for the trip. Make an arrangement at home and try out everything to know better. You can give a trial in the backyard or somewhere else. The better you know your equipment the easier it would be to set yourself up at the campsite for real.

Planning Your Meals

Planning for your meals solely depends on the number of days you’re staying and the number of people going there. For first-time campers, it would be better avoiding heavy meals or cooking in the campfire. Try not to complicate your meal plan, stick to the easy recipes if you’re willing to cook. You won’t need to worry or spend too much time planning your meal if you skip the process of cooking. Just get in a grocery, grab what you need according to your needs and preference.

Take enough food for you though, more than you need but not less. Nevertheless, plan some menu relying on the basis we just showed and everything should be smooth for you. Remember to take a trash bag in case you carry Can or Tin food.

Making a Checklist 

Write down a detailed checklist so that you don’t miss any of your camping essentials. As you’re a newbie camper, you can easily leave something important. To make sure you don’t leave any of your gears at home it’s important to make a checklist. Making a checklist will help you before packing all the stuff and of course, the important gears won’t be left at home.

Take your time to make the checklist to ensure it lists all the things you need for camping. Follow it while packing, you’ll feel the ease of creating a checklist for sure.

Check Weather Forecast before Leaving

prepare plan for first time camping

A sudden change of weather can completely ruin your tour. As you’re a new camper, chances are you’re having a tour in the summer. So, the only weather that might ruin your trip is rain. After fixing the day you’re going, don’t forget to check the weather forecast thoroughly. Cancel the trip if the weather doesn’t look so good.

Take some preparation for bad weather, even though the forecast says it won’t rain. It’s better to be prepared than suffering later. Who wants to stick in the tent for the rest of the day?

Appropriate Clothing & Footwear

As we’ve already mentioned, the weather forecast can’t be 100% right all the time. So, you have to think twice before starting your journey. Always take suits for the worst weather. Make sure you have enough clothes packed for all types of weather as a safety precaution. Not only it will help you in rough weather but also in other ways too because you won’t get a laundry service around.  

This also means choosing the right footwear. The footwear should be fine handling every activity that you have planned. Although it sounds innocent, not choosing the right footwear can make you suffer in the middle. It’s better to be careful before starting to make sure everything is taken care of.

Reach the Campsite at Morning

It’s a good idea to arrive early in the morning. Arriving early can help you in many ways. First of all, you’ll have a better spot to settle down without rushing. Moreover, you’ll have time to explore the area and set everything up timely. This means getting enough time to know about the campsite rules too. People also prefer hiking if they have time to do so. Thus, we recommend coming early to the campsite for the first-time camper.

More time let you learn what the place has to offer. By maintaining time, you can do much more than you think and chill out. Remember, time is something you can’t buy J.

Stick Close to Home

It’s a good idea to stay close to home at the very first camping trip. Because many odds could rise during a tour. Running out of food, harsh weather is common issues. Maybe you can’t adjust sleeping in a tent and realize camping is not your thing. What could you do if things like this happen?

This is why we recommend rookie campers to play safe and prefer camping near their homes. You can head straight to home if anything ruins your tour. Just for safety and convenience, try to stay close to home.

Pick a Campsite that has Mobile Phone Coverage

While camping, you may think it would be great to take a break from your phone but not so fast. New campers must choose a campsite that has network coverage. You’re not an experienced camper and you should act that way. It won’t be a good idea for leaving your phone on the first tour. Let’s explain why

Picking a spot with network coverage provides two major advantages. Firstly, smartphones are like GPS. You can locate where you are anytime. Secondly, in case of an emergency, a phone call could be a lifesaver. So, you need to play it safe and to do so, make sure you follow this step.

Grab Some Games

It may sound quite unnecessary but, you’ll be benefitted if you’re having a family tour. When you have kids with you, you’d certainly want to entertain them as well. So, you need to take something to keep the kids occupied. They might not enjoy the beauty of nature and outdoor as you do. Let them enjoy their way.

Many things come in mind to enhance the fun of the camping tour. A simple Frisbee could amplify the fun for everyone. Take other things too depending on your wish list and space. Playing volleyball is another idea you can come up with. 

Make Memories and Have Fun

Don’t let the planning and working be a burden for you from having fun. Everyone goes to camping with a view to enjoy and make the day beautiful. Move out from your daily life stresses, and let it be how you want it to be even if for a short period of time. Make it the day you always wanted to have a day like.  

Flow yourself, have fun, relax, enjoy the beauty of nature and revive. Because reviving is what meant to be the purpose of camping.