How To Make A Whoopie Sling Step By Step Guide

The whoopie sling is incredible stuff for a hammock. You can simply reduce a lot of work for setting up a hammock by using a whoopie sling. A whoopie sling comes with some unconventional knots that are used for tightening and loosing your hammock instantly.

In this tutorial article, we’ll tell you all about a whoopie sling, the way it works, and the systematic way to make it. But first, let’s move to the point what actually a whoopie sling is.

How To Make A Whoopie Sling

What is a whoopie sling?

A whoopie sling is most likely an adjustable rope that is specially designed for hanging a hammock. The whoopie sling was not introduced for hanging a hammock at first. Whoopie sling was originally made for arborists for pruning trees. It is still widely used by arborists. But backpackers seem to be accepted whoopie sling as a widget for hanging a hammock.

To maintain the proper tension of a hammock you cannot find any alternative to a whoopie sling. However, using simple rope knots or hammock straps could be a substitution for a whoopie sling. But whoopie slings are most common and widely used by campers. It’s because a whoopie sling is much lighter than other hanging accessories and the ease of using a whoopie sling is pretty simple.

How do a whoopie sling works?

The outlook of a whoopie sling would make you feel like it’s very complicated to make things working out with it. But it’s pretty simple to set up a whoopie sling. You’ll need only three steps to set it up.

At first, you’ll have to mount the whoopie sling in the eye of your hammock. After that, you’ll need to find a tree and then attach the larger loop with the tree. And the final step is to adjust the length of the sling according to the tension you need. To adjust the length of the sling, you can simply draw the tail of the sling through bury.

Proper tension ensures safe suspension of your hammock. You can adjust your hammock in the simplest way with a whoopie sling.

Things to know about a whoopie sling

There are certain things to know for setting up a hammock with the whoopie sling. You can use the information to choose the correct whoopie sling according to your need.


Material plays a vital role in whoopie sling’s durability and other features. The weight slightly differs for materials. We recommend using an Amsteel cord based whoopie sling. Because whoopie sling should be chosen with minimal stretch ability. More elasticity means less durability. The Amsteel cord is 12-strand braided rope. Therefore, it’s a perfect whoopie sling material.


The comfort range for whoopie sling ridgeline is 4-8 feet as an average. But rope is generally longer than that. You will find whoopie slings that stand with 2-10 feet rope. The length decides the flexibility of a whoopie sling. So, the length is also an important thing to consider before buying one.


The strength of a whoopie sling is also a fact to consider. 7/64” Amsteel cord based whoopie slings are most commonly used. That type can load about 500lbs. That’s why you need to think if you have a double nest hammock for two people.

Conclusion: Whoopie slings are a great widget for campers who trips with a hammock. If you love simplicity you’ll always prefer a whoopie sling to use as the ridgeline. Remember all the information that we shared to choose the right one to buy and to hang it. if you have more question about How To Make A Whoopie Sling just comment on bellow I'll reply As soon as i can.