How To Make A Canvas Tent | Step By Step Guide (TentClubs)

Canvas is probably the best material that could be used for making a tent. Canvas can beat typical nylon or plastic material made tents in many ways. Canvas tent is more durable, breathable, insulator, and eco-friendly than other synthetic material used tents.

To set up a canvas tent you’ll need to prepare a little and follow some steps to do it with ease. We will help you in this regard.

how to make a canvas tent

Preparing before setting up a canvas tent

Choosing a flat surface

Everyone should learn the basics they don’t fall in the trap of prolonging set up time by figuring out while doing it. By looking for a flat surface, you simply ensure that you don’t have to move the tent after pitching it.

Although it sounds very simple and basic, it’ better to remind than missing out later.

Clear the ground before making the tent

No one would like to end up in a torn tent just for not taking a little precaution. Double-check for stones and sticks before starting to build the tent. Make sure that the place you’re setting up is clean.

Ask for help

If you have someone with you, don’t hesitate for asking help. Especially when you’re on a family vacation, a pair of extra hands can make quite some differences. People go camping to enjoy, not to spend hours setting up the tent. An extra helping hand can save a lot of time.

Step by step guide to making a canvas tent

Now you know what to do before working on the tent. Let’s move to the part for setting up the canvas tent.

  • First things first, cleat the groundsheet.
  • Peg down the cotton footprint right after that to make sure you
  • can place it exactly where you want it to be.
  • Don’t force the pole to avoid the risk of breaking down.
  • While pricking the cotton tent, close all the zips.
  • Tighten up the tent as much as you can to support it against
  • strong wind.
  • Peg the poles approximately at a 45° angle.