How To Hang A Hammock Without Trees | Best 4 Way

A hammock is a popular companion for camping. When it comes to pitching the hammock, it comes with some conditions. But how would you like to stand your hammock when there are no trees nearby? In this tutorial content, we will try to help you learn how to hang a hammock without trees.

Camping on the beach is probably the most popular and inviting spot available. People who love nature always has the desire to camp at the beach. And if you plan to camp at the beach, you might want to learn how you can pitch your hammock without trees.

There are several ways to hang your hammock without trees. The different way requires different kinds of stuff and methods. However, we’d be happy to help you learn about all these options to hang your hammock without a tree.

Things to consider before hanging a hammock

There’s something you might want to know about hanging a hammock before moving to the methods. You can use a hammock almost everywhere. It is very convenient for campers who do adventure often.

We will briefly point you out the steps to hang a hammock. You can even have a look at our article about how to hang a hammock to know these steps thoroughly Link (how to tie a hammock). These are the things you need to know for hanging the hammock.

  • Make sure you meet chair level height from the ground. You can higher the height depending on your environment and circumstances but not lesser than that.
  • The object you hang between should have at least a 10-meter gap. This will ensure the hammock doesn’t get too loose or too tight.
  • Choose the right materials to set the hammock. Some methods require rope knot another method require straps.
  • Check the spot you wish to set up your hammock. Best to look for a shady place so you don’t get a sunburn. 

Methods to hang a hammock without trees

We’ve already mentioned that there are various ways to hang a hammock without trees. The most suitable way to hang a hammock without a tree on the beach is to get a lightweight hammock stand. It is a cheerful way to do the job and we recommend doing this. However, now let’s move to the hanging methods.

Using hammock stand:

Using a hammock stand to set up your hammock is probably the easiest and coolest way to hang without worrying for trees. You can find various types of hammock stand including portable and non-portable stand.

Just keep one thing in your mind that if you wish to take stand for camping you will need to get a portable hammock stand. Portable hammock stands are handy but they are a bit expensive. Most of the hammock stands are heavy and non-portable.

Hammock stands are suitable for hanging the hammock in the backyard. A portable hammock is expensive but you can carry it for camping. The portable hammock stands are versatile. For example, the ENO Nomad stand is a portable one. As soon as you don’t have any budget problem, we highly recommend using a portable lightweight hammock stand for camping.

Using a hammock structure:

The invention of the hammock structure came along with the rising demand for hanging a hammock in public places. Hammock structures are mostly found in beach motels that promises to delight people by nature. But they are available in different places too. However, the hammock structure could be another solution for you to hang the hammock without looking for any tree.

Hammock structure is usually made of metals. You can find wooden hammock structure too. The main convenience of a hammock structure is that you can carry and configure it easily. Remember that there are some things to consider before buying a hammock structure. These are

  • The hammock stand should be flexible and durable in order to make sure it’s a perfect kit for you.
  • The hammock frames should be reconfigurable so that you can carry it anywhere.
  • The hammock stand should support rain cover feature. This will make sure you can set rainfly in the stand.

Using poles or posts:

Using porch post, fence bar or other post beams to hang the hammock is a simple solution to set it without trees. If you wish to hang a hammock in your house then it’s an easy option for you. You can simply choose the balcony or porch to set the hammock. As you’ll be hanging between bars, you’ll get rid of worrying about trees.

You can use hammock straps or rope knots to ensure proper balance to the hammock. Check twice if the bar or post you choose to hang on should be able to carry your weight.

Using a wall or concrete to hang the hammock:

Using a wall or concrete to hang your hammock is a subject of hanging indoor hammocks. Ensure that you have enough space in the room to hang a hammock. You’ll need to anchor hooks by drilling the wall.

It requires a whole individual content to show you how you can do the job in the wall or concrete. We are referring you to a tutorial article from |WiKiHow| instead to learn about hanging a hammock in the wall.

Conclusion: Hanging hammock while camping is fun and cheerful. If you go for beach camping we recommend taking an additional bag to carry the hammock so it doesn’t get sandy. Hanging a hammock without trees may become a difficult issue at first. But if you read and follow this article properly we hope you’ll be able to solve all these yourselves.

These are plenty of ways to be worked on. Don’t forget to experiment with new methods. We just showed some typical examples to hang a hammock without trees. Don’t make it as a drag to your creativity. Learn new things, share with everyone! Remember that all these kinds of stuff are created and experimented by people just like you. Create another new way that starts with you.