Best Guide On How To Hang A Hammock From A Tree

Today, we’ll try to give you a complete guideline about hanging hammocks whether you need it for camping or to set it in the backyard for relaxing. So, we expect you to keep in touch until the end.

Who doesn’t loves to enjoy beautiful weather hanging a hammock? Summer means hammock season and the business is in full potential. Hammock demand rises in this season because people spend their times hanging in shades and relaxing in the fresh air.

You’ll find many methods to set up a hammock outdoor, no matter if you need a permanent installation in the porch or you want to go just for camping. It’s not important if you have the best quality hammock to ensure comfort rather than knowing how securely you hang it outdoor and get the utmost comfort. To do so, you can follow the instructions below.

Safety measures to consider before setting up a hammock:

Before hanging a hammock, you must pay attention to some important things to make sure you don’t face any problem after tying up the hammock. Talking of which, don’t forget to choose a calm place to set up and get some real refreshing moments. However, things that worth mentioning are given below to take a look at before moving with the hammock.

  • Focus on the distance between the objects you wish to set hammock. It should have at least a 5-meter gap on average.
  • Hanging the hammock in chair level height is most important. Otherwise, you might have the risk of falling.
  • The object you tie the hammock on should be firm and strong enough to carry plenty of weight. The tree or balcony bar should be able to bear more than your body weight for perfection.
  • Double check the utilities you used to hang the hammock. The ropes, straps or bolts should be set properly.

You’re good to go as long as you have this information in your mind.

how to hang a hammock from a tree

how to hang a hammock from a tree

Hanging hammock between trees is the most popular and typical way to set up a hammock. Tree hammocks are ideal and allow a traveler to enjoy nature one step closer. Imagine hanging in a 30° bend coconut tree in a beach with sunshine weather, what a thrill that could be!

Before choosing the trees you wish to hang on, make sure that the tree will be able to carry your weight completely. It means the tree should be healthy and steady.

 The second most important thing about tree hammock is the distance between trees. You might need 8-14feet of space between the trees relying on the length of your hammock. We can’t fix the distance sitting here because the length of your hammock is about to tell you how much space you’ll need between the trees. But we recommend having at least 2 feet more space than the length of your hammock to ensure proper tension.

The last thing to remember before setting your hammock with trees is to maintain chair level height from the ground. This will add absolute comfort to your hammock.

Now, let’s talk about the steps to how to hang a hammock from a tree. You can follow two methods to set your hammock with trees. These are,

  • Using ropes to hang between trees.
  • Using hammock straps to hang.

Using ropes:

Using ropes is the most compact way to hang a hammock with trees. You’ll have to tie knots with ropes to securely hang your hammock. Well, to give you the proper instruction about tying knots, we’ll need a whole article to write. Instead, we are referring you to an article from Wikihow where you will find a complete guideline of tying Bowline hitch and Taut-line hitch knot. These two knots are more than enough to teach you tying hammock with ropes perfectly.

Using Hammock straps:

Using straps to hang a hammock is the most convenient and easiest way available. You won’t need to worry about tying knots in this case, yes it is the struggle free method. The positive side of using the strap is its eco-friendliness. It’s because straps never cause any harm to tree neither its buckle. Moreover, you can adjust the straps in more distance. Hammock straps are versatile, you can not only use it on trees but also at balcony bars or posts. You don’t have to go somewhere or look for an article to learn about tying hammock straps. Just strap it around a tree, connect the S-hook with your hammock from a circular ring, it’s like 1, 2, 3 done. It’s that simple!

Hanging your hammock on a hammock stand:

Taking a hammock stand to hang a hammock is perfect for backyard relaxing. Besides, you can set it even in your porches if you have enough space there. In a hammock stand, you have readymade things. So, all you have to do is just to hang your hammock and you’re good to go. It’s your perfect relaxing buddy to be set on backyards. However, hammock stands are not easily movable and consume bit time for assembling. It means you might want to give up if you have any plan to take hammock stand for camping.

Installing hammock on balcony or porch:

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the twilight in the porch hanging on a hammock? It’s a dream for every nature lover to have such a time. Hammock in the porch can get you the best feeling to fall in love with nature if your house is in an open calm place.

In this stage, we’ll help you out setting up with a hammock in the balcony. First things first, to set your hammock in the porch you need to check the objects you want to hang the hammock. As soon as you fix the objects, you’re all set. The different balcony may require different utilities and tools to set a hammock. For example, if you have a post or beam one side and wall in another side. Or, you might have posts both sides. You’ll need to follow different method distinguishing the types of porch objects you have to hang your hammock.

You can wrap the post with ropes or straps to hang your hammock pretty easily. Rope requires knot and we already mentioned a link for learning knots. If you need to set the hammock in a solid wall, you’ll need hammock hardware to do so. Drilling the wall to connect anchors is a simple solution. The wall anchor will be used to connect with hooks where your hammock can be settled.

Conclusion: By following the steps and instructions above, you can easily set up your hammock and manage it. Permanent hammock setting and temporary setting both methods are described in a simple way. People can’t deny the different feeling of hammock even if they tend to sleep in a luxurious bed.

The last thing that you need to know is, don’t forget to ensure a little curve in your hammock. The slight loose hammock will make sure that you always get a back-friendly hanging.