Guide On How To Hang A Hammock Chair Indoor And Outdoor

The perfect relaxation companion a person can get is a hammock chair. Today, we’re about to give you a complete tutorial about how to hang a hammock chair indoor and outdoor. The hammock chairs are more convenient than the popular fabric or rope hammocks.

 Among these advantages mentionable are, hammock chair needs only one hanging point while traditional hammock needs two. This is a certain advantage which also means it would take less space than a hammock.

You can effectively install a hammock chair almost everywhere around your house. Well, in this case, most people’s first choice is the porch. Who doesn’t loves to enjoy cool weather in the porch swinging in a hammock chair? However, now we’ll move to the steps to hang a hammock chair.

Finding the spot and hanging object

Picking up a fine spot is important in hanging a hammock chair. To ensure absolute comfort and you must choose the spot wisely. As you know that most of the outdoor spot which has tree shade is always a favorite choice, make sure that the tree you wish to hang your hammock chair on must be able to bear your weight.

This means the tree must be healthy and sound. If there’s any sign of rotting, please avoid that tree as a safety precaution. Now let’s move to the common facts to know about the objects which are most people’s favorite.

  • Solid bar or post,
  • Firm tree branch,
  • Strong concrete (requires anchoring) or wooden ceiling.

Solid bar or post and ceilings are the topics for indoor hammock chair installing while tree branches are outdoor. No matter where you choose to hang, you’ll find several ways to follow the hanging process.

One important fact to know is that if you need to set an indoor hammock chair in the ceilings, you’ll require permanent installment by drilling and anchoring it. But if you wish just to hang in a tree branch or in the porch bar, theoretically you’ll just need a simple rope knot to do so.

Installing your hammock chair indoors:

Finding the ideal spot in the room is a challenge before setting up everything for installing a hammock chair. There are some important things to consider before you choose the room. These steps are given below including the process of installing the hammock chair.

  • The room you select to install hammock chair should have at least 7-9 feet height and 1 meter of clearance in every direction you put the hammock chair from. This will make sure you have enormous space to hang and swing in the room. Double check the room so that your hammock chair doesn’t hit anything.
  • If you have a wooden ceiling, we strongly recommend using a stud finder. A stud finder will help you find a ceiling joist. As soon as you find a joist, mark both sides of it to drill pinpoint. You must drill in the middle of the joist as it is very important to support the eye screw.
  • Drilling a hole for the eye screw is another important step. The eye screw you used should be bigger than the drill bit to set properly. The hole should be 5-8 cm deep. Follow the peel of the wood from your drill bit as it’s a sign of you have hit the joist.
  • After you’re done with drilling, you need to install the eye hook in the ceiling. You must keep twisting the eye screw clockwise until it gets a minimum 2 inches deep. You may use a screwdriver and apply more pressure to tighten the eye screw.
  • That’s it, you’re done with the complicated things. Now you can simply put an S-hook in the eye screw and all set. You can use rope, chain or other hanging stuff to hang your hammock chair now. For more simplification, you can directly loop a rope in the eye screw and hang your hammock chair too!

Hanging your hammock chair outdoors:

Hanging the hammock chair outdoors especially with tree branches are relatively easy. Rules are almost the same here, same space required here. However, the main distinction is you won’t have to get any drilling or screwing fuss. Just get a rope, select hanging object (tree branch or porch bar), tie a knot and you’re good to go.

  • Select a tree which has 6-9 feet distance from the ground. The branch you wish to hang on should be positioned horizontal, the tree must be rot free and healthy. Make sure you have enough space around and don’t get too close to the tree.
  • Wrap the rope around the selected branch twice or thrice and keep a little distance of those wrapping. This method is to make sure the weight pressure doesn’t get to a single spot of the branch. This step could also be considered as a safety measurement.
  • After you wrap the rope around the branch, you can insert the other end of the rope in the hanging mechanism. The hammock chair is most likely to connect to the branch through the rope. You should tie up the rope with the mechanism using half-hitch knot. It would be a perfect knot to let your weight adjust with the hammock chair and the tree branch as well.
  • Don’t sit at it right away, test it once before you jump over it. Gradually increase the weight to test your hammock chair. When you make sure that the hammock chair can carry your weight without any problem you’re done!

Optional accessories

Hammock chair stand:

There are many hammock chairs are available that comes with a stand. If you don’t have one added with your hammock chair, you can buy a stand individually. Using a hammock chair stand is probably the easiest way to set up your gadget. It is convenient, easily movable and takes less space. Why not give a try to it? It is very handy as it comes with readymade hardware and other components.

Hammock chair spring:

You’ll find hammock chair spring as an additional component. You’d love to add it right above the rope for some extra bounce and extra fun! As it is an additional element, you can buy it whenever you want if needed. Also to mention that spring makes your hammock chair comfier. However, extra facility needs extra charge as you’ll have to spend some more bucks buying the spring.