How To Fold A Pop Up Tent: Stap By Stap Smart Guide

Pop Up tents are quite common. They are the tents that most people often use for quick and easy shelters. Thanks to how easy they are to set up. I have owned a pop-up tent before and while I found it to be very convenient, my wife felt it was a hassle when it came to know How to Fold A Pop Up Tent

Later on, I found out that many other people felt the same. And while storing this tent involved a simple process of folding the tent poles together before setting them over each other in order to collapse the tent into a smaller circle, I thought it wise to give them a more detailed guide on how to fold up this tent.

I want everyone out there to love tents and to possibly have one of their own. That’s why I am giving you this step-by-step guide on how to fold a pop up tent. Enjoy!

Step I: Clean Up the Tent

Never fold your pop up the tent before you clean it. Tents once used will gather dust, dirt, and moisture that could easily damage them if you were to fold it up just like that. Therefore, a good cleanup will leave your tent free of these objects that might easily damage them.

NOTE: Shake out the dirt, sand, pebbles, dust, and pine needles before you deep your tent into the tub and begin to wash it. You should also tip the tent and pour out any debris that might have been stuck in there.

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Step II: Dry Up Your Tent

If you don’t want to end up with mold, foul smell, and mildew on your tent, it is important that you dry it first once you clean it. To ensure that your tent dries faster, you can always wipe it down with a little of mild laundry detergent and a moist rag instead of dipping it in water and washing it.

Step III: Fold the Top Poles

Most pop up tents will come with two poles at the top. To start folding it up, you need to first fold the two poles at the very top together.

This is easy to do. Simple stand beside your tent and you will see two ridges on top of your pop up tent. One ridge will sit on the right and the other on the left. Stretch out both hands and grab these two ridges. Then pull them in together until they meet.

Fold A Pop-Up Tent

Step IV: Fold Up the Bottom Poles

Once the ridges (top poles) have brushed in together, you should then identify the bottom poles and also fold them upwards together.

Simply pull up the bottom poles right from the tent’s outer edges that you will see sticking out from the left and the right sides of your hand once you have pulled in the top ridges. Reach out and grab them by leaning forward.

NOTE: Don’t let go of the top ridges. Instead, use one hand to hold up the top ridges as you reach out for the bottom ridges with the next hand. You can then alternate and grab the other hand depending on which ridge you want to grab.

The bottom poles once folded up should lie over the top poles. You will notice that once all these poles are folded, you will be able to hold them at one single meeting point. As you fold the tent poles, you should also make sure that you leave the door of the tent in an open position so that the trapped air can find a point to rush out.

Step VI: Stand the Tent on Its Side

With the tent poles folded in, you will get something sort of a semi-circle. Stand up the tent on its edge (side) while you continue to hold the four poles. Then flip the tent on its side so that the semi-circular side rests on the ground.

You can always pull the tent out to a spacious ground before you lay it down on its side. This will give you enough room for flexible movements as you give the tent the perfect fix and a great fold.

Step VII: Flatten the Tent in Nice Fold

Once you have laid out the tent, you will realize that it’s still wide and cannot fit into any carry bag. At this point, your main focus is to flatten it and make it as small as possible, so it fits into your bag.

Take the top pole and fold them backwards. This should be easier since you are still holding onto the four poles. Grab the back of the semi-circular shape by reaching out above the uppermost section of the tent and pulling in to where the poles meet. This should flatten the tent and leave it in a circular shape.

Step VIII: Pack Your Tent

Finally, you can press and seal the tent into its carry bag. The carry bag is smaller and pretty easy to drag along.

Fold A Tent

Additional Tips

With the guide that we have provided, how to fold a pop up tent will become easier. However, to master the process easier, here are a number of tips that you can also keep in mind.

The poles of a pop-up budget tent are lightweight. Due to that, there isn’t any need for using so many amounts of force to fold up the tent.

The poles that pop up tents come with are also very flexible. This will minimize any chances that the poles might break when folding.

Pop up tents are usually designed to easily spring back into a full tent. It is therefore very important that while folding the tent, you maintain a firm grip on its poles to avoid starting afresh.

Conclusion: In case you notice that there is still some air that’s trapped inside the tent, you can always press down on your pop up the tent using your kneed to remove the air that has been left over so that the tent goes flat onto the ground.

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