How To Fix A Tent Pole | Make Your Tent Camping Easier

Tents are essential structures when it comes to outdoor activities like camping since they provide shelter. For your tent to remain upright throughout your activity, the tent poles must be strong enough and in good condition. However, tent poles break or get damaged, making the tent bend on one side.

It is therefore wise to always have the necessary gear to repair any broken or damaged pole. How do you fix a tent pole?  Repairing any pole, whether made of steel or fiberglass is very easy and straightforward provided you have the repairing tools. In this article, you will learn how to fix a tent pole. Specifically, you will learn about fiberglass tent pole replacement.

fiberglass tent pole replacement

Why is it important to carry spare parts for your tent?

When going outdoors with your tent, you always carry your tent's spare parts with you. In case your tent breaks down, you will be able to repair it and go on with your activities without any worries. Most of the camping sites are far from shops where you can purchase a new tent in case the tent poles get damaged.

Having the repair parts will help you save a lot of money that you could have used to buy a new one. It will also allow you to save time that you could have lost when looking for a new one or else a person to repair for you. 

Most of the market's tents are made using fiberglass poles that contain elastic material at the center. These tent poles tend to break easily in case you fail to tighten the guide ropes. Also, in places with strong winds, the tent poles are prone to damage if they are not strong enough. To avoid all these problems, always carry your tent’s spare parts for easier repair.

There are also some pole repair kits in the market that you can buy and carry along with your tent. Remember that you are relying on the tent for shelter and so it should be in good condition to ensure maximum safety. Always carry the spare parts plus the tools to repair because the poles can break anytime and anywhere.

How to Fix a Tent Pole

How do you fix a broken pole?

For you to fix a broken tent pole you must have essential tools with you. Also, the shock cord plus the replacement poles should match the original pole. Get the correct sizes for each of them for an easier and successful repair.

Fiberglass tent pole repair equipment:

  • Replacement tent poles
  • Face mask
  • Hack saw
  • Marker pen
  • Sandpaper
  • Long needle
  • Replacement shock cord
  • Tough fishing line
  • Duct tape

How to fix broken fiberglass tent poles

The following are some step by step fiberglass pole repair instructions:

Step 1: Separate the poles from elastic fiber by cutting the knot at any end of the elastic. In case you encounter some difficulties to take out the knot at the pole’s end, use needle-nose pliers to remove it.

Step 2: Unthread the elastic fiber carefully to maintain the sequence of the poles.

Step 3: Place a replacement pole alongside the broken pole then use a hack saw to cut to length. Add a few inches to the new pole for you to have enough length to work with while sanding. Make sure you wear your facemask to prevent fiberglass from harming your eyes. Using the marker pen, mark the point you will do the cutting.

Hold the new pole firmly then cut it using a hack saw slowly to avoid tearing the fibers. Alternatively, you can place a duct tape at the cutting point that will hold the tent pole in a position to avoid splinters and to make sure that you cut the exact length measured. Remove the duct tape before sanding. Make sure you grasp the shock cord before cutting.

Step 4: Use sandpaper to sand the edges plus the pole tops to get rid of any splinters. For easier fixing, sand the pole edges until they are smooth and cone-shaped. Fit the new portion of the pole to the existing ones. It should fit tightly.

Step 5: Take your fishing line and tie it on the end of the elastic that does not have a knot. Tie your big needle at the end of the fishing line. Ensure you make a tiny tie that will pass freely inside the pole. Put the needle together with thread in the pole then tap the pole softly on the ground to move the needle to the bottom of the other opening.

 Pull the elastic fiber through the pole. Ensure that the elastic is tight enough. The new shock cord should be clean and without any frays. In case the ends are messy, use a sharp knife to cut the messy part or burn the end then make it pointed.

Step 6: While holding the shock cord, take out the sections of the pole until you get to the broken part. Take out the broken section and put back the new section. Re-stretch the pole through the removed sections. Put the sections back just the way you found them. Please avoid mixing them up if you want your tent to stand appropriately.

Step 7: After making the elastic tight, hold it, and make a double knot at the edge. Cut the fishing line off, and you are through.

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Final Words: A broken pole of a tent is not the end of its usage. Tent poles break several times and so knowing how to repair a tent pole is the best skill to learn. The above steps are easy to learn and understand and I am sure you can now easily repair your tent pole in case they break. The tools are also simple and lightweight, so it is easy to carry them along in your backpack as you go camping. Repairing a tent pole is very economical, especially if you will be using the tent multiple times.