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How to clean a hammock major hygiene question that should be maintained properly. In this tutorial article, we’ll try our best to give you a helpful guide to maintain the hygiene of your hammock at utmost. If you’re concerned about cleaning your hammock along with other maintenance, you’re at the right place!

There are several reasons why you should keep your hammock neat and clean. Among those reason bugs, mildews, stains and stinks are noteworthy. As these issues may concern you of hygiene, we’ll show you how you can fight these problems.

Reasons to clean your hammock regularly


The most important thing to worry about is the bugs if you tend to camp often with your hammock. These bugs are completely irritating while camping if you don’t know a way to beat them. Common bugs are mosquitos, flies, bed bugs and other insects.

However, you won’t have to worry as long as you have bug spray as an essential part of camping of either you have a mosquito net to set around your hammock. But, cleaning your hammock is important after every camping trips as these steps might leave a hammock full of dead bugs.


Mildew is a fungus form which can be compared with mold. The habitable environment for mildew appearance is if the humidity level is at 60-90% and the temperature is at 25-30° Celsius.

If you find mildew in your hammock, the faster you get to clean it the better. Because mildew affects both the hammock and the person who use the hammock without cleaning. It may cause a red rash if not cleaned properly. The best way to prevent mildew from the hammock is to wash it regularly.

Stains and stink:

If you don’t get to clean your hammock often, congratulations on having an unhygienic hammock right in your touch! The longer you use a hammock without a wash, the dirtier your hammock gets day by day. 

As you lie on the hammock and use it for a certain period of time, the hammock gets soaked with your sweat. It may occur heavy stain in the hammock if it’s made of fabric and you’ll get an unpleasant odor in addition. So, it’s better to clean the hammock more often to make sure you don’t have to face this problem.

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How to clean a hammock

There are two major types of hammock available. One is the rope hammock that is made of rope and the other one is fabric hammock. Today, we will discuss cleaning these two types of hammock.

Cleaning a rope hammock:

Rope hammocks are usually equipped with two wooden bar at the two points for making the hammock structure. For this reason, rope hammocks are heavier. You should always prefer to wash by hand if you have a rope hammock. This makes certain of a typical hammock wash for the rope hammock.

Before moving to the steps of cleaning a rope hammock, you’ll need some utilities to work out with.


  • Fill the bathtub or the wading pool where you want to wash your hammock. Try to keep the spreader bars out of the water as much as possible. Because wooden bar contains the risk of rotting if dipped in water for a long time. Make sure the ropes of your hammock are soaked thoroughly.
  • Now add bleaching powder in the water. Caution: don’t use it in a colorful roped hammock. This might cause the ropes to pale or even completely lose their color. You can follow the written instruction of the packet to know the amount of powder that needed to be used. After that, let the hammock soak in the water for a couple of hours.
  • Don’t forget to rub the ropes with your hands. The ropes should be rubbed thoroughly from stating to finishing. You can use the scrubbing brush to make this step little more convenient for you.
  • Finally, take the bucket and add detergent powder. You might use warm water in this step for more perfection. Wash your hammock in the liquid 2-3times. As long as you’re done rinsing in the soapy water, you’re completely done with the washing process. Now you just need to dry it for another use, that’s all.

Cleaning a fabric hammock:

Cleaning solution for fabric hammock is pretty easy. As fabric hammock usually comes with a removable spreader bar, then it’s very easy to clean. But if your hammock is equipped with non-removable spreader bar don’t give up at all. We have room for you too and about to describe how you can simply clean a non-removable spreader bar installed fabric hammock.

The Washing machine as a cleansing solution:

You can follow the washing machine step only if you have removable spreader bars. I repeat this step is only compatible with those hammocks which are equipped with removable spreader bars. You know the reason why it’s because you can’t put the fabric when it is attached to a spreader bar.

However, when you have detached your hammock fabric from the bars, you can easily put it in the washing machine or sent in the laundry. It is as easy as cleaning your bed sheet.

Using hand to wash the hammock:

If you have non-removable fabric hammock, this step obliges to you. As you can’t simply put it in the wash, you can still use a hosepipe with high pressure of water stream for an easier cleaning solution.

Don’t forget to clean it outdoor so that you can get more space to set it flat on the ground. Take a sponge to scrub it with liquid detergent or something to get a more thorough cleaning. Make sure that you have scrubbed both sides of the hammock properly.

Thus, you have a clean and tidy hammock that is good to go for another camping or to get set go in the backyard.

Conclusion: So far, we hope that we’re able to make you understand the steps about how to clean your hammock in this article. We’ve researched for days to point you out the most important tips and trick that might come handy. Some last saying about your hammock is to make sure that you have stored it from rough weather. Maintaining the hammock important above everything!