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Is your gazebo's canopy damaged? Or do you want to replace that old canopy with a new stylish one? Do not worry. We are here to give you systematic guidance on how to change canopy on gazebo by yourself. A canopy is the top covering of the gazebo.

If your canopy is not strong enough, it will not be able to withstand that hard weather. To prevent that unpleasant look in your yard, replacing it will be necessary. Canopies can be either hard or soft. You can follow some simple steps when changing your canopy.

How to Replace a Canopy on A Gazebo

Identify The Canopy You Need

It is essential to identify the type of gazebo you have and the type of canopy you want. Before making any purchase, ensure you know the size of the gazebo and if it is compatible with the new canopy. Once you have the right canopy then look for the right tools. Before you begin the replacement, gather around all the necessary tools.

You do not want to keep moving around looking for that screwdriver. The tools you need include a rope, a screwdriver, a flat crowbar, working gloves, a ladder, and grommets. Since you will be destroying some parts of the gazebo, remember to remove anything inside the gazebo to create room for easy work.

How to Replace a Canopy on A Gazebo – Hard and Soft Top

Now that you have the canopy and the tools, you are ready to do the replacement. How to replace a canopy on a gazebo depends on whether it has a hard or soft-top. The steps are pretty much similar.

Work On the Old Canopy

The first step is to work on the old canopy and then carefully remove it from the gazebo's frames. You can do this from top to bottom. A gazebo can have a hardtop or soft top.  If your gazebo has a hardtop, it may take longer than the soft top. A hardtop has a lot of hardware that requires careful and skilful dismantling. Soft tops are lighter and hence easy to detach from the frames. Check on the frames to ensure they are safe to be reused.

how to change canopy on gazebo

Work On the New Canopy

Before proceeding, check if your canopy has grommets. If it does not, then fix them before proceeding. You can glue or sew them on the canopy. Unfold and spread the new canopy out. Doing this under the sun makes the canopy to be a little more flexible, allowing you to manoeuvre it easily.

Take your rope and thread it through the metal grommets. Do this starting from one side of the canopy and gradually move to other sides. Thread the rope from bottom to top. Check for any bumps on the canopy and clear them.

Mount The New Canopy

You will need help from friends at this point. Lift the new canopy up. Make sure it passes over the gazebo then carefully place it on the frame. It is now time to secure the canopy. Use the ropes on the canopy and tightly tie it to the frames.

Remember that the top side of the ropes should be securely tied to the top of the frames and the bottom side of the ropes to the edges of the frames. Look around and see if the canopy is evenly spread on the gazebo.

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Tips to Remember

Replacing hard top gazebo requires a little bit more skills and tools. It becomes easier if you begin with removing the hardware first then proceeding to the other parts. Consider seeking help from a good number of people.

Avoid rushing to dismantle the old canopy.  If you do not be extra keen when removing the old canopy, then you may destroy some important parts of the frames. This will make your new canopy hard to mount and insecure to sit under.

Conclusion : If you are replacing a damaged canopy, look for one that can withstand the harsh weather. Look for those made out of quality material and are affordable. If you are changing the style, then look for one that brightens up your yard and can easily blend in with the surrounding. Now you can comfortably change the canopy on a gazebo by yourself.