How To Anchor A Canopy On Concrete With Simple Ways

Do you want to place your canopy on a concrete floor, but you are afraid it will be blown away? Check these tips on how to anchor a canopy on concrete. Canopies are very lightweight, and hence they can easily be blown away.

Finding the best way to anchor it on concrete is not a hard task at all. There are straightforward ways for you to anchor your canopy on concrete. You can choose to buy anchors or make them at home.

how to anchor a canopy on concrete

Tent Anchor Weights

This is a popular way of anchoring a canopy on concrete. You can choose from the variety of canopy tent anchors weight available. They include anchor weights, sandbags, among others.

When using sandbags as an anchor, fill several sacks with plenty of sand. Ensure they are fully filled to give it the necessary compact weight needed.  Place them at the end of your canopy's legs. You can stack them up to provide more weight.

Before using this solution, you will need to know the weight of your canopy. Ensure you select one that will support the weight of your canopy. You can make a ready-made sandbag at home.

 If you choose to use anchor weights, you can easily purchase them from the same shop you bought the canopy. They are normally made of heavy metal to provide the necessary weight. They are rectangular and will fit perfectly with the design of your canopy.

Temporary Home Made Anchors

If you are a hands-on person, making your anchors at home will be an easy task. First, gather the necessary materials. Look for four strong buckets (not broken), rope, sand, gravel, or water. Once again, know the weight of your canopy before deciding which water, sand, or gravel you will use. For ease of movement, look for buckets with handles. Use the rope to attach the filled buckets to your canopy.

If your canopy is very heavy, gravel or sand is the way to go. Fill the bucket with sand equivalent to the weight of the canopy. Ensure all the four buckets have the same amount of sand for proper stability.

If you will use gravel, fill the four buckets slightly above the halfway. If your canopy is light, water will work for you. Fill the four buckets with water almost to the brim. When using water, be close to a water point in case your bucket is accidentally knocked over.

Permanent Home Made Anchors

For this anchoring method, you will need strong buckets, rope, water, and cement. Mix the water and cement in the bucket and leave it to dry. After drying, the mixture will form concrete.

Now that you have made your anchors use a rope to attach them to the top of your canopy. Carry them every time you put up your canopy. It may be a little bit cumbersome if you pitch your canopy in different places.

PVC Pipe Weights

Get several materials for this anchoring method. Get PVC pipes and caps, ropes, a power drill, nuts and bolts, PVC primer glue, and first drying cement. Drill holes in the PVC caps and attach the eyebolts. Then glue the caps to the PVC pipes.

Be very careful when using this glue. Always follow the instructions on the manual. Fill all the PVC pipes with concrete and let it dry. Take the lower cap and drill a small hole and glue it to the bottom of the PVC pipe. You are now ready to use it as an anchor.

Place the pipes on the legs and use a rope to tie them together. Use a bungee rope tying it to the eyebolt on the top cap and the tent frame. PVC pipe anchors are normally very heavy. Your canopy is now secure.

Anchor Your Canopy On Concrete

Hand Weights

Did you know that exercise weights could come in handy when anchoring your canopy? Look for your weights and a piece of rope. Once again, consider the weight of your canopy. Place the weights on the side of your canopy, ensuring the holes are aligned. Use the ropes provided to tie the weights to the canopy.

Pass the rope through the holes, and make a knot. The good thing about these weights is that they occupy a small space. You can easily move around with them, and they will save you money. You will not need to buy anchors for your canopy if you have exercise weights at home.

Cinder Block

This method of anchoring is rarely used. Cinder blocks are made from concrete and are quite heavy. Place the cinder blocks on the legs of the tent. Use a rope to secure them on the legs of your canopy tightly. Their weight is enough to anchor the canopy.

This is one of the best way to hold down a canopy. As good as it is it may not serve you well if you are putting up your tent far from home. They are bulky hence hard to move. Before proceeding, ensure you get clearance to use them in your area. They normally pose a risk to passers-by.

Things to Remember

Know how frequently you will be moving your canopy. This information will help you decide which anchoring method is best. For frequently moved canopies, temporary hand home-made anchors are the best.

Always know the weight of your canopy. If your canopy is heavier than the anchor, it will still be blown away. The weight of the canopy is always indicated on the packaging when you buy it.

Know the ratios of water to cement that is needed. To achieve the best anchor, make sure your concrete is made the right way.

Conclusion: No one wants his or her canopy blowing away during that lunch you organized. Taking clever measures early enough will save you the trouble since you can never anticipate the strength of the wind. Knowing the weight of your canopy will always help you decide the best method of anchoring. Now that you know how to anchor your canopy on concrete, you can comfortably enjoy your outdoor experiences.