Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review | Why Buy It Or Not

Just as your home is comfortable, so should your tent be when you go camping. Among the pertinent issues to look at are the size, privacy, and utmost protection, among other features. It is possibly difficult to find a tent that suits your needs. But worry no more: core 9 person instant cabin tent is one of the best choices in the market today. They are already get more then 750 reviews from verified customer and it is 4.5 out of 5.

Core never misses the mark in its tents. The company has invested much in ensuring that the customers get the best value for their money. The feature you’ll notice is that the tent offers a hassle-free assembly, large sized, and privacy, thanks to the room dividers that come with the tents.

With these and more practical features in this tent, you need to read this cabin tent review carefully. Besides, it will enlighten you on what you need to consider when buying tents. So, stay on this page.

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9


Brand: Core

Seasons: 3 Season

Color: Green/wine

Height: 78 Inches

Weight: 27.6 Pounds

Occupancy: 9 Person

Waterproof :Yes

Shape: Rectangular

Closure Type: Zipper

Doors: 1 Door

Room: 2 Room

Windows: 7 windows

Dimensions: (L x W):14 x 9 Feet

Setup time: 60 Second 

Pole Material: Fiberglass

Origin: Imported

Care Instructions: Hand Wash

Variation: Green / wine


  • Strong built
  • Perfect ventilation
  • Instant set up
  • Waterproof
  • Great height
  • Spacious tent


  • The windows do not zip up to the stop living spaces for entry of water and insects

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Core 9 Person Cabin Tent Review

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9'

The incredibly smart design of this tent makes it stand it out among it's equals. For starters, the tent is crafted in a freestanding, dome shape design. That implies this is one of the self-supporting tents you can have.

Its structure achieves that support: the rainfly being minimal and only covers the ceiling. It is attached to the corners by buckles making the whole structure to support itself. But, always remember to stake it down for added stability.

Remember, this tent is a tall type. It stands at 78 inches tall (198 cm). This height makes this tent suitable for tall people, but it possesses a risk of being blown away by sudden strong winds if not well staked.

As the name suggests, this tent is an instant tent. Essentially, it takes 60 seconds to install. Instant suggests it takes the shortest time possible to install the tent. That is possible because the frame of the tent is pre-attached to the tent. The tent poles are telescoping, which you can easily extend to their full length.

This tent from the core is spacious enough to offer sleeping space for nine persons. In fact, the tent fits two queen-sized air beds and still leaves some space to pack luggage. To put it in perspective, the floor area is 126 ft², which translates to each person taking about 14 ft². That implies you can comfortably lay down nine sleeping pads.

The tent can offer great housing for friends who are out hiking or on a summer open-air festival. Still, families can make great use of this tent. It features a room divider to offer privacy between parents and kinds. For greater comfort and privacy, parents and three kids fit well in this tent.

With an integrated electrical cord access port, which can be fully closed when not in use, the tent guarantees you electricity supply on your camping. You'll only need to connect it to a power source, and you can light up your tent or charge your phones.

Rains can make your camping a big nightmare. With the core 9P tent you are assured of no-water-entry stay even with the most torrential downpour. Here is why:

Seams make the primary entry point water into a tent. The seams in this tent are heat sealed all round – from the rainfly to the floor. This keeps water from either flowing or dripping into the tent.

Besides, the durable 68D Polyester makes the fabric. This material has been tested and given an impressive 600mm hydrostatic rating. This material performs exceptionally well against rain and any form of moisture.  On the other hand, the floor is equally built of durable 125gsm P.E. that works well against water.

All these features combined make the tent a waterproof tent. Core call is it H20 block technology.

The door and all the windows have mesh to protect the interior from the entry of foreign objects. Besides, the meshes offer excellent ventilation too.

It might interest to note that the rainfly is entirely removable, and the ceiling of the tent has entirely meshed. Apart from this feature being an excellent source of ventilation, it also offers a chance to stargaze on those warm nights.

In short, this 9P tent from the core has excellent ventilation.

With a single lager, T shaped side door, entry and exit from the tent are made more accessible.

Buyers Guide – What To Consider When you want to buy a 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9'

The types of tent you buy depend on the season, a number of people to use the tent as well as the material that makes the tent among other features. Numerous companies manufacture tents of various sizes. Indeed, each manufacturer will claim that their tent is the best in the market.

With such news, you might fall for the advertisement whims, which might make you purchase a low-quality tent. You must understand that some decisions lie squarely within your ability. This is to say before you buy a tent, you need to do critical research. If you do not have time for that, we have prepared for you pertinent features you need to consider.

Tent poles are important

That sounds obvious, right? But the point is you need the right set of poles that can stand up against weather elements, stronger type of poles but with unmatched strength. Among the three common types of poles – fiberglass, steel, and aluminum, it is only aluminum that fits that profile.

Rainfly size25

A rainfly is not an ordinary tarp. Rather it acts as your tent’s umbrella. What you need to consider is getting a rainfly that comes all the way down instead of just covering the rooftop.

Much as the tent fabric and rain fly are waterproof, you need to insist on a rainfly that will stand well against heavy rain.

Floor system

As a norm, a floor must be made with a waterproof material to prevent the entry of water. To reinforce this feature, tub style floors are better designs for camping tents. Such floors are usually raised a few meters above the ground before they are joined with the wall of the tent. A seamless floor implies no entry point for water.

Seam types

Parts of tents are held together by stitches. If the stitching on a tent has visible holes, then be sure that the tent will leak. In such cases, use seam sealers. Modern tents have a modification on stitches: some have heat sealed seams, while others have double stitched seams.

Besides, inverted or folded seams work well against water entry.


Ventilation creates a free flow of air. If hot air condenses, it will wet the interior of the tent. That is not a desirable feature. The best tents are those with roof vents.

Guy lines

Guy lines are essential structures that pull your tent outwards to make it taut. Tents have loops sown o the sides or at times on the rainfly. On this loops, you'll attach the guy lines. 


You need a tent with heavy duty zippers. Such zippers will adequately hold up against frequent usage.


Price usually hinder the majority of the people from getting the best quality tents. The standard norm is that pricey tents are the best quality. This may not be entirely true. Compare feature to the price. If you get satisfactory features, then the tent will fit the price.

Additional Facts

While seeking to buy a tent, usually consider versatility. Does it sound like a three or 4 season tent? Yes, it does. Since many people do not camp during winter, a 3 season tent is the best bet. The tent has the best camping features.

You also need to consider the size. If you have a family, then a family tent as stipulated in this core 9 people instant cabin tent review is an excellent option. The larger the size, the more comfortable you will be in your tent. Basically, you need to find the right size.

Size alone might not be enough, especially for family guys. A tent that has room dividers offer greater privacy. That means kids can stay on one side while the adults can utilize the remaining side.

That is not all; some tents have three rooms. The third room is usually a screen room which is separated from the rest by a zippered door. The third room can offer an excellent point of changing, especially wet clothes.

The tricky part with size rating in tents is that you find that you are congested in the tent. What the rating means is that it is just sleeping space. For more comfort, buy a tent that is rated two more people than the number you are. For instance, if two people are planning to camp, then a 4-person tent will offer enough space and comfort.

The other modification in a tent with two rooms is that they are divided into one large sleeping area and a screen room that is attached. Apart from serving as a point of changing wet clothes, the screen room can offer a quiet and serene place to relax or read a book during hot afternoons.

Always take great care of your tent. Clean and dry it before storage. Never store it when it is wet. Also, ensure that you do not leave foodstuffs in your tent as this will attract creepers which might tear the tent. 

Always carry a tape just in case your tent tears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can one person set up a tent?

Yes. Some tents are more comfortable to set up. Besides, the instant pitch tents are very easy to set up, so one person can easily set them up. But for the heavy-duty tents, it will require more than one person. For the core 9P tent, one person can set it up in 4 minutes.

Does the core 9P tent have a footprint that I can purchase?

The tent is sold with a specific tarp. However, any tar with a size of 14' x 9' or a little larger will work well for this tent.

Is this tent (core 9P) waterproof?

The waterproof coating of this tent is very high. This makes it one of the most waterproof tents in the market.

Does the tent come with the places to attach guy lines?


CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9'

Conclusion: This core 9-person instant cabin tent review is meant to give you a detailed explanation about the tent. You might be interested in buying this tent, but you do not know much about it. Remember, there are other similar numerous tents: this may lead to confusion.

The review is detailed enough to give you enough reasons why this is the best tent. Besides, looking at the buyer’s guide, it outlines to you what you need to consider while purchasing tents and their importance. If you put those factors in the mind, it will be easier to single out the best tents.

A primary focus on any buyer should be to look for a tent that will provide service for the longest time possible. This directly implies that the tents should have exceptional features. While the budget might be a great hindrance to many people, it is important that you budget ahead. Better budgeting will result in getting the best tent.

In summary, you need to consider features like the size of the tent, the type of poles, the quality of zippers, material that builds up the tent as well as the type of stitching. A tent that packs these features together offers greater versatility, comfort, and durability. That means you’ll get value for your money.

Once you have your core 9 person instant cabin tent or any other tent, take great care of it. Never stack the tent in a sack that you store other stuff. Store it when it is dry.