Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Reviews Stap By Stap Guide

Coleman never disappoints when it comes to tents. The Tenaya Lake 8 person tent, guarantee you the best experiences outdoor. From the look of the tent to its function, the tent looks elegant when you pitch it. Many people describe this tent as an easy to pitch a tent, spacious and with numerous pouches to store your gear. Doesn't that sound like a family tent?

Coleman Tenaya lake 8 person tent is a family tent, considering its size and features. Is your plan to go camping with your family? Coleman is the tent to consider. After reading Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent reviews you'll get a clear picture of what the tent looks like. However, when you read this review, you'll be left with no questions about the tents. This page offers you the details you need to make an informed decision. So, read on carefully.

Coleman Tenaya lake 8 person tent

Brand: Coleman

Seasons: 3 Season

Color: Blue

Height: 6-ft 8-in

Weight: 7.3 Pounds

Occupancy: 8 person

Waterproof : Waterproof Floors

Shape: D shape

Closure Type: Zipper

E-port: yes

Doors: 1 Hinged Door

Room: 2 Room

Windows: side windows

Pole Material: Steel

Fabric Type: Polyester

Floor aria: 13 x 9 ft

Setup time: 09 min

Setup Type: Conventional

Variation: 8 person


  • It has a spacious interior
  • It has a closet with hangers to store your gears
  • Has a rainfly
  • It has a room divider allowing enough privacy
  • You can pitch it very fast – fast pitch mechanism
  • E-port system to power up your electronics
  • Storage pockets to keep your necessities
  • WeatherTec properties to make it resistant weather elements like water and wind
  • Well ventilated thanks to the 7 windows and mesh rooftop
  • The carry bag has wheels making it easier to carry
  • Has enough headroom thus you can walk without bending


  • Not fully waterproof hence not suitable for all four seasons (3season tent)
  • Has a short rainfly
  • Tips: this tent is only compatible with three seasons. It does not perform well during rainy and cold seasons. Because of the meshes, you might think of buying a tarp to cover it, to make it warmer. It works well in warmer climates.

If cabin shaped tents are your favorite, then Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tents are the typical tent you need. In summary, these ten features huge windows, straight walls, mesh ceiling, and numerous additional features. Let's get the details.

Pitching up the Coleman Tenaya lake 8 person tent is a straightforward process. The poles that form the roof comes with a shock-corded pole that is pre-attached and a hub system. In a few minutes, you can put together your tents. It takes 9 minutes to complete the pitching

A plus point in this tent is that it comes with a closet. This part is located directly opposite to the tent door, and it is 4 ft. Square. A cabinet eliminates the need for using your floor space. This section is creatively designed as it comes with poles to create its roof while the inside has a vertical zipper curtain. Also, to help you store your small stuff, the tent features numerous mesh pockets on the walls. The location of the pockets is, i.e., easy reach.

To access the interior or the exterior of the tent, the tent has a well-built D-shaped door. The tent has 2 extra poles that you'll use to set up the door.  Slip these poles into the zippered sleeves to create the rigid D-shaped door.  You can close the door by using a zipper or the Velcro tabs. The zipper gives a firm close; hence, make it safe for the night. Note that the zipper has a storm flaps that cover it all around.

Thanks to the WeatherTec system, this tent has been crafted to meet the needs of different weather conditions. It gives the comfort of home while camping in the following ways;

Protected zippers: The zippers have a cuff. Weather-resistant material makes the cuffs, for conferring protection while being used outdoors.

Waterproof floors: The floors are welded, eliminating the needle holes. This feature strengthens the floor, protecting it from water seepage.

Protected seams: All seams are inverted, thus concealing needle holes within the tent, a feature that makes the tent more resistant to weather.

Study frame: if you plan to camp in windy areas, this tent can stand up to the strong wing. The frame of the tent is created to resist the wing effect. It is durable and responds to the wind appropriately.

What You Need to Know When Buying the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent

While numerous Coleman Tenaya lake tent reviews mention these tents as one of the best tents to use while camping, it is necessary that you understand the feature that it has. When you understand the features, you'll know what you are buying. It will be pointless if you buy a product that will not serve you to the best: it means you've wasted your money.

As a large tent, Coleman Tenaya lake 8 person tents offer much comfort according to the reviews. The tent falls under the category of versatile, top-quality, and pocket-friendly tents. Anyone who has been camping, know something or everything about the Coleman brand. While buying, consider the following


Coleman offers 4 models of tents, i.e., instant, dome, cabin, and modified dome. Each of the styles has great advantages as well as some disadvantages. Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent is cabin shaped. This type of style features additional structures such as pouches that you make great use by keeping your smaller stuff. Besides, with straight walls, the tent resembles a house, thus creating a large interior area.

Set up time

A tent should not be complicated to set up: you should not spend more of your time on pitching. That is why the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent takes as less as 9 minutes to pitch. Coleman sells this tent with a hub system and pre-installed roof poles, to shorten the installation time.  However, to install this type of tent, you'll need to be two people.


This Coleman ten is cabin shaped. The wall is straight. According to specification, the tent has a center height of 6-foot, 8-inch. With this height, you can walk without bending your head. Besides, the floor space is 13 x 9 feet, offering you enough room to walk around without difficulties.

Partitioning possibilities

Group camps are better tents that have a partitioning option. Such tents have privacy.  If you have kids, you'll need privacy, especially when changing clothes or sleeping time. So, getting a tent with dividers will be a very great idea. In this case, the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent is referred to as a two-roomed tent because it has a divider.


Understanding under what season to use a tent is very vital. Some campers do not know much about tents. In such cases, the best advice is to look for a 3 season tent, i.e., a tent suitable for autumn, spring and summer outdoor camping. In such season you'll experience moderate weather conditions. But if you'd wish to camp during winter, get a tent that has excellent insulation properties. As already stipulated, the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent is a 3 season tent.


Buy a tent that is created from durable and weather resistant material. Fabric that claims to be weather resistant, waterproof and can withstand extremes of weather is the best. Standard materials are polyester, canvas and poly cotton.


The weight of the tent is a crucial factor when it comes to deciding where to camp. If you opt for backpacking, you'll need something lightweight as well as portable. On the other hand, camping with friends or family, need a bigger tent. Such a tent will require you to use a car or a trailer to carry to the camping site.

Additional Information

Most tent manufacturers promise that their tents are versatile and practical. It only takes an experienced manufacturer to deliver such tents in the market. It is clear that Coleman's tents have a reputation for excellent performance and durability. For numerous years, the company has been bringing outdoor gears to many campers without failing.

When you are going camping alone, you'll need a smaller tent that you'd carry in your backpack. However, Coleman offers excellent packaging for its tents. Precisely, the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent is extremely easy to pack. The tent comes with a wheeled bag in which you'll pack your tent. Moving around with this wheel is easier because you only need to drag it around.

Usage of the tent

The tent is excellent for families and groups of people. Specifications indicate that the tent can hold a maximum of 8 people, but this is in terms of sleeping only. 8 people cannot sit comfortably in the tent. The tent is suitable for parents and 3 kids. Such a family gets enough space.

It is important to note that the tent is a very stall structure. At slightly above 200cm and with vertical walls, the tent cannot withstand gusts f strong wind, though the manufacturer says it is a study type. If you plan to pitch it up, it is better to consider places that away from the wind.

Coleman Tenaya lake tent reviews indicate that the Coleman Tenaya lake 8 person tent is a tent that performs well in warmer climates. This is because of its generous mesh on the roof. If you plan to camp in cooler areas, this is not a tent for you. Look for tents that have PVC or still get a tarp to place on top of this tent.

At 34.5 lbs., the tent is categorized as a bulky tent. When packed the tent measures 88 x 33 x 29 cm; this is a big size tent, and definitely might need a vehicle to transport this. The best part of this tent is the carry bag has wheels, which makes it easier to move across short distances. 

FAQs - Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent

Is the Coleman Tenaya lake 8-person tent waterproof?

All tents from Coleman are waterproof. This is due to the WeatherTec system they have. This type of tent is test by use of a hydrostatic head. These tests have been done on both the ground sheets and overall structure.

How do I repair my Coleman Tenaya lake 8-person tent?

The tent is built to last. Besides, the tent comes with a warranty. If anything occurs, then the warranty should cover. However, in the event of small cuts, you can use duct tapes to seal them

Is Coleman Tenaya lake 8-person tent best for the family?

Yes. This tent is the best tent you can use with your family for camping. It offers enough space to pack your luggage and fit the two king-sized air beds. Besides, the divider for partitioning makes it a great tent.

Conclusion: You should not limit yourself while camping. Get the space you need to be comfortable. You can only get such space if you use a large sized tent. The 8 man tent from Coleman has been tested and proved to have been versatile in performance. Besides, the tent is highly practical. For instance, the company promises, quick pitching, which turns out to be a fact.

From pitching to pitching to dissembling, great care must be taken. For example, while installing the tent, ensure you follow the manual precisely to get a sturdy tent. Since the tent stands tall to ensure that it is erected places that are shielded from strong winds; otherwise, it might not withstand the gust of wind. While still at it, avoid areas that have a sharp object that might tear your tent.

If in any case, your tent gets a tear while you are still camping, you will need to seal the tear. Minor tears only require a duct tape to cover the cut. In cases of broken poles, you might also repair it for temporary usage. Remember, your tent always comes with a manufacturer's warranty. You might consider returning to the manufacturer if the warrant has not expired.