Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent Review: Lessons From The Pros

While camping, you'll need the best set of equipment. Otherwise, you'll be in for a very rough time. Depending on the season, you need a tent that fits that particular weather condition, or still, you can get all round-weather tents. There are numerous types of tents in the market, but this Coleman sundome 6 person tent review will help you make the right decision, especially if you plan to camp as a group.

If you opt to buy a tent, you need proper research well. Coleman offers excellent options when it comes to outdoor gears. As it is to most people, a tent must give you the pleasure, protection, and fun while you camp; because that is the reason you went camping. So does the Coleman sundome 6 person tent hold up to its promise? Read on carefully to understand the details of this tent.

Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent

Brand: Coleman

Seasons: 3 Season

Color: Navy/Green

Height: 6 ft.

Weight: 7.3 Pounds

Occupancy: 2/3/4/6 person

Waterproof : Waterproof Floors

Shape: Round

Closure Type: Zipper

E-port: yes

Doors: 1 Door

Room: 1 Room

Windows: side windows

Pole Material: Fiberglass

Fabric Type: Polyester

Floor aria: 35 Inches

Setup time: 10 min

Setup Type: Conventional

Pole Material: Aluminum

Variation: 2/3/4/6 person


  • Has an E-port
  • Privacy vent is necessary when you want to change clothes
  • Larger headroom – 6ft tall
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Made of durable fabric making it last longer
  • Comes with a durable carry bag to organize and comfortably carry your tent
  • The tent is well ventilated to keep you cool, thanks to the Variflo system
  • Spacious tent
  • A free standing tent that is easy to set up


  • Few customers have complained of;
  • Weak poles that snap up quickly
  • Cannot withstand thunderstorms
  • Loose mesh walls that allowed bugs in
  • Mesh roof might make the tent chilly at night

The Coleman sundome 6 person tents are the best tent if you want to camp with your family 3 to 6 persons). The tent has a spacious interior. At 3 x3 meters, the tent fits 2 queens sized airbag beds while the height of 1.88m allows free movement i.e., enough headroom for taller people.

Camping requires some gears. The tent has 2 pouches for storing your gears. However, if you have too much gear, you’ll be cramped. Here is the deal; the Coleman sundome 6 person tents are spacious enough for 6 people without gear. The tent accommodates three people with their gear perfectly. As the number increases, you'll have to decrease the gear to only necessities. At five people at gear, you'll be pushing the tent.

The Coleman tent is a free-standing tent, a feature that makes it easier to install. You'll only need ten minutes to set-up your tent. It is dome-shaped and comes with fiberglass poles that are 8.5mm thick. These poles feature Insta-Clip attachments for easy installation. Besides, these clips help the tent to stand up against any intensity of the wind.

The pole sleeves are continuous and snag-free, a feature that makes it easy to install. The tent’s canopy is high-performing and durable polyester, while the floor features the sturdy 1000D Polyethylene. The tent is 33-percent more water resistant as compared to any other product from Coleman. Its ability to withstand strong gusts of wind is unmatched.

The unique design allows for its unparalleled services. With a WeatherTec is a robust system that protects against weather elements. The features include;

Protected seams:  these seams are inverted to make them more resistant by hiding the needle holes within the tent.

Zipper protection: the zipper cuff is created from fabric that is weather resistant. This makes it perfect for withstanding outdoor elements

Waterproof floors: the tent comes with floors that are welded, a feature that eliminates the needle holes. Welding strengthens the floor as well as removes the entry points of water – needle holes.

Sturdy frame: the frame is highly responsive to the wind, as it features guy-out triangles.

The Variflo system is adjustable allowing for excellent ventilation. Such ventilation ensures maximum comfort during your camping period. Worried about carrying your tent?  It has two bags i.e. carry bag and storage bags. Stuff your 16-pound tent into the durable carry bag and your pole and stakes in the carry bag.

Tips: this tent is an excellent choice for summer camping, and if you carry a lot of gear for your camping, this tent can comfortably fit four to five people. Otherwise, for six people, no much gear within the tent.

Crucial Considerations When Buying a 6-Person Tent

Before you buy a six-person tent, it is vital to understand some feature it holds as well as the benefits it has. A 6 person tent comes with either as a single or double roomed tent. A tent is an excellent option for families or a group of friends who intend to camp. They are comfortable and spacious. Besides, they have features that offer privacy. With these, the 6 person tent is versatile and must have for any family that likes camping.

If you plan to camp as a family, the tent can accommodate two adults and four children together with your luggage.  Alternatively, the tent can accommodate four adults and their luggage. If you choose to buy a Coleman sundome 6 person tent, you should consider;

Tent size

While purchasing a tent, it is essential to look for a tent that is spacious to accommodate the 6 people without congestion. On a general note, the market has tents that can accommodate one person to larger tents to accommodate 12 people. Each tent comes with the specification of the number of people they can hold. The number usually refers to the sleeping space. 6 man tents comfortably accommodate two adults, three children, and luggage. Most have a floor space of 10x10 ft.

Coleman Sundome Tent

Design of the tent

Each shape of a tent has its advantages and disadvantages. The most common shapes are Pop-up, Dome, Tunnel, Ridge, Geodesic and Semi-geodesic, Inflatable, and Bell among others.  Their strengths might include easy set-up, weather adaptable, and durability and so on.

Besides, the design may features structures such as pouches, partitioning, as well as headroom being larger. Such features are essential in making you feel comfortable as well as having a sense of dependence.  By reading the Coleman sundome review, you can be able to get the right design.

Site of camping

When you buy a tent, consider the place where you are going to camp. Different places have different weather conditions. Similarly, different tents are created for different weather conditions. The tents used mostly in hot areas must have excellent ventilation to keep you and your family, and friends cool throughout your camping.

In cold areas, the best tents are those with .a thicker fabric to make the interior warmer. If you plan to camp in an area that is prone to rain, getting a waterproof tent is necessary. Some tents are created to fit all weather situations. These tents provide excellent protection in changing weather conditions.

How easy is it to use your tent?

It is essential to consider how practical your tent is. While larger tents might seem spacious, they come in as bulky tents. Moving them around will only be easy if you have a car. In that case, how much space do you have in your car to transport them? A larger car will be valuable in such a case, considering you'll be carrying other gears.

Most Manufacturers promise that their tents are easy to set up. You should consider how practical the promise is. Your tent must come with an instruction manual to make the process easier. The Coleman 6 person tent takes up ten minutes to set up. If the tent is complicated to set up, you can seek help.

Additional Information

It is evident that the 6 man Coleman tents provide enough floor sleeping space for 6 people.  Besides, the ability to partition this room into two sections provides much-needed privacy, especially for people needing to change clothes. The interior walls have pockets, which allow you to store your gears without much trouble.

The single door is hinged to make it easier to access the tent. The Coleman sundome 6 person tent reviews comes with a rainfly that has an integrated door awning. This structure helps to prevent the rain from entering the tent. Also, it has a double thick polyguard fabric that makes this tent excellent for different conditions of weather.

If you want a practical tent, then this is the tent to choose from. The floor of this tent is not only made of waterproof material, but it is created of a bathtub like the design. This design is excellent in preventing water seepage in the event of rain.

While setting up the tent, it is essential to make it a tight as possible. To make this possible, the Coleman sundome 6 person tent has guy lines. The guy lines are responsible for pulling out the walls so that they are taut. Such a tent will not flap all night long when it is windy. Besides, they are necessary to prevent sagging of the tent when it rains.

Getting fresh air is always a beautiful thing within a tent. You can open the roof vent of the tent at night to allow free flow of air. Such features remove the stuffiness within the tent. The heavy zippers can allow you to use it as many times as possible without breakage.

Do you eat while you are inside your tent? It is not good practice to eat in your tent or store food.  Small animals might try to creep into o your tent. Some may tear your tent. Eat outside and store extra food in your car. If your tent has an attached screen room, you can store food there.

FAQs - Coleman Sundome Tent

How do you air your tent?

You should open the tent and then hang it on a pole or low tree branches. If the tent has the dust of water, wipe it. When the tent is dry, spray it with Febreeze and let it stay the whole day outdoors.

Can I clean my tent?

You can clean your tent using a mild soap (not detergent) and lukewarm water. Rinse the tent thoroughly and air-dry it the whole day. Using machines to clean and dry the ten will destroy the coating and seams of the tent.

How do I store my Coleman Tent?

Before you think of storing your tent, ensure that it is clean and dry. Roll it up loosely for storage. The place you'll store your tent should be cool and dry, probably a gear closet. For your poles ensure you store them when they are partially assembled. This is necessary to maintain their shock cord.

What fabrics make the Coleman tents?

Coleman tent is made of high-quality and durable polyester. The floor is made up of Polyethylene, the tent is of Polyester mesh 75D inner tents, and the flysheet is created of 75 D Polyester taffeta.

Conclusion:  Nothing feels great like successful camping. The success of your camping arises from getting the right gear. It is clear after reading this Coleman sundome 6 person tent review that it has great features to offer.  These features are what will create a livable environment for you as you camp.

Known to be a family tent, Coleman sundome 6 person tents, can be used in any environment all year round.  Though a few people complain that the tent might leak when it pours, the majority have hailed it for its enormous versatility. To be on the safer side, you'll need to buy a tarp that is about 20 x 10 ft., which you will place on top of your tent when the rain sets in.

If you like outdoors, you can buy this tent at an entry price, yet the features match those of top-notch tents.  Apart from the few drawbacks, you are guaranteed of having a blast when you camp. Two primary things: the tent performs well in hot conditions thank the excellent ventilation mechanism, and second, the tent comes with double fabric to keep you warm during the cold weather. What else would you need in a tent?