Coleman Prairie Breeze 9 Person Cabin Tent Review

Do you love to hike? If you do, you are in the right place. Many outdoor activities require the best equipment for successful or memorable. And one of the most vital camping equipment is a tent.

However, with many tent brands around, it not easy to determine a tent that suits your needs perfectly. That’s why I have chosen to help by giving your one of a simple review on a great groupie tent.

The Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent is a super cool tent. It is ideal for any type of outdoor activity. Let’s take a look at what I have prepared about it and why it is the very best option.

In this post, I have also taken my time to leave you with additional information. I have prepared a simple tent buying guide for you. It will make your work simple and easy. So read on:

Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent Review

Brand: Coleman

Closure Type: Zipper

Occupancy/Capacity: Seven-or-more-person

Floor Area: 140 Inches

Height: 84 Inches

Color: Multi Colored

Item Weight: 2.2 Pounds

Seasons: 3 season

Pole Material: Fiberglass

Fabric Type: Polyguard

Waterproof: Waterproof Floor

Shape: Rectangular

Setup :  Easy setup

Variation: 8 person


  • Very spacious
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to set up
  • Super cool environment
  • Very affordable
  • Strong and waterproof


  • Not ideal for small group
  • Takes time to clean up


With its highly spacious design, the Cabin Tent is indeed the ultimate groupies’ tent. It will fit easily and still leave you with ones of space to walk through. More importantly, its design allows it to enjoy more flexibility and double up for numerous outdoor activities.

Right now, anyone who buys this tent gets a great addition for family outdoor equipment. You can use it for a picnic, hiking, camping, road trips, or around the beach. And here is the best thing; you don’t have to use it with family alone. Try it out with a few friends some time and let me know how it turns out.

Features Description 

The Coleman Prairie Breeze has numerous features to go with. I compiled every one of them for you to check out anytime.

Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent

9 Person Capacity: Coleman Prairie like its name suggests is a 9 person cabin tent. It fits up to nine people comfortably and still leaves you with enough space to move around. Because of this many users have agreed that this tent makes you retain the homely feeling.

WeatherTec system: And thanks to the WeatherTec system that this tent comes with, you will always dry even under heavy rain. This technology uses a patented, welded floor with inverted seams and more importantly covered zippers to completely seal out water.

Huge Rainfly: In addition to the WeatherTec system that keeps the tent’s interior dry and super comfortable, there is the rainfly that maximizes the efficiency when it comes to keeping the water out. It is a huge design but pretty adequate for such a big tent.

Snag-Free Poles: This tent also provides very easy setup. Thanks to the snag-free poles with continuous pole sleeves that it comes with. These poles prevent any drawbacks when you finally choose to erect your tent for a camping or hiking session.

Insta-Clip suspension: Insta-Clip suspension maximizes the ease of setting up the tent. And here is the best part; it is highly compatible with other Coleman tents so that one you buy it you can always use it more often. This system is easy to use and will secure the tent pole with a snap.

The Insta-Clip suspension also comes with a rechargeable cartridge that uses 4 D batteries. However, these two are sold separately.

Perfect Dimensions: At 168 x 120 x 84 inches or basically 14 x 10 ft. the Coleman can easily accommodate up to 2 queen-sized airbeds. You can move the beds around easily and get the most ideal home feeling anytime.

High-End Material: Then again there is the high-end material that this tent has been forged from. The material is a Poly guard fabric that is very durable and which is ideal for use under the most demanding weather conditions. It can withstand the rugged outdoor conditions and even endure seasons of use.

Super Cool Weight: Better still, the tent weighs only 36.1 pounds. This is a highly manageable weight. You can, therefore, carry the tent easily around camping sights and also along a road trip.

Six Oversized Windows: There are also six oversized windows on the tent. These windows provide for the perfect ventilation. They will leave the whole tent with super cool air circulation and finally fresh breath. Thankfully, the windows also come with a mesh for keeping flies and bugs outside.

LED Lighting: This tent has a superior LED lighting. The light keeps the whole tent properly lit. It is a great way to see at night and to have maximum efficiency.

Reversible Fan: Coleman Prairie Breeze also has a reversible fan that when combined with the LED lighting will make your campsite actually have a homely touch.  

The Not So Good: Well, there isn’t much to say. But all the same, this tent is not ideal for small groups as it might leave you feeling cold. It also takes time to clean.

TIPS: This is for campers who need an integrated fan system in their tent for cool comfort on a hot day and a built-in LED light that provides brightest overhead illumination quite perfect for reading a novel.

9-Person Cabin Tent Review

Buying Guide

Well, with all these said, I suppose it’s time to make your purchase. So how do you know if the Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent is the right tent for you? Here is a simple buying guide that will leave you with the most informed buying choice.

Material of Construction: The very first thing that you should consider is the material from which the tent has been made. Make sure that the material that you choose is durable. This is important because the tent will be used for harsh outdoor weather and if it has to survive, it must be resilient enough.

Price of the Tent: Does the price suit you? The tent you buy should leave you with a dent you can’t recover from. It is sane that with the tent, your camping life should be elevated. Make sure that the price is right before you buy.

This one will save you from so much strain. You can always put down a budget before you actually buy. You should also shop around enough until you make the right purchase.

Weather Proof Design: Rain and sun are some of the harshest weather conditions you will find out there. In fact, they are the main reasons you need a roof over your head when camping. The same applies to the dust too.

It is therefore very important that the tent you buy is effectively waterproof, dust-proof, and more importantly able to protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Very Spacious for All: Whether you are buying the tent for a single person or for an entire group, it is important that the tent is spacious enough. By this, I mean that the tent should fit everybody well and still leave enough space to move around in.

Spacious tents add for more air flow and ideal breathability. It also makes the tent very flexible to work with.

Doors of Ideal Sizes: One door is enough for a tent. But a group tent needs more doors. You need the tent to have on the very least two doors. Since many people will be coming in and going out, two doors will help you to have easy movement and maneuverability.

Ideal Number of Windows: The windows on your tent should be ideal. They should be able to provide you with enough air to breath and also free circulation of air. Adequate ventilation is what will provide a cool environment when hot days come around.

If the windows are meshed up, it will be a big plus. Meshed windows often help in keeping bugs and other insects such as mosquitoes away.

Care and Maintenance for Tents-

In case you buy the best Coleman Cabin Tent, you should understand that it is an investment. It is therefore important that you get the value for your money from it. One of the best ways to do that is to lengthen the lifespan of your tent by taking proper care of it.

Clean Your Tent: Tents will catch dirt once you have used them. To prevent the tent from dulling up, it is important that you clean it. Clean the tent and make sure that there is no dirt, pebbles, or mud stuck on it anymore.

Dry Before Storage: Once your tent is cleaned up, don’t store the tent without drying it up. Storing a wet tent in a cool place will cause dampness and leave you with mold. Mold smell really bad. So, make sure that you leave your tent out until its completely dry before you can fold it and store.

Don’t User Beyond Recommended Conditions: Yes, certain tents have limits on conditions under which you can use them. Most limits are usually spelt out in reference to windy conditions. Don’t try and push your tent beyond its limits. I would suggest watching the weather news before you pitch your tent.

Don’t Pitch on Rocks: Before you pitch your tent, clear the area. Make sure that the area you are pitching the tent on is actually free of rocks, pebbles, broken bottles, and any other sharp objects that could tear the tent. However tough the tent is, sharp objects will create weak points that might eventually tear apart.

Fold and Store Properly: Many people don’t understand how to fold a tent. Well, learn how to fold a tent properly so that you don’t create any weak points that could lead to torn areas.

Follow User Manual: The user manual is the absolute law to lasting tent use. Follow the user manual to the last dot. Make sure you understand the manual before you try anything.

Respect Warranties: Finally, if your warranty is still valid, make sure that you stick to it. Trying to fix a problem that occurs on your tent such as manufacturing damage alone will render your warranty obsolete. If you want a great way to care for your tent, use the warranty always.

NOTE: Proper care and maintenance for your tent is very important. It will allow your tent to last longer and eventually leave you with a great fulfillment too.

Conclusion: Now that you have seen what a great brand the Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent review, I guess you can recommend it too. And if you have made up your mind to buy it, the process has been eased up. Thanks to the buyer’s guide that I have included in this post.

Just remember the one important thing. If you intend to buy this first class tent, you should focus more on your personal needs. If the tent addresses your personal needs then it is basically what you need.

In addition to that, don’t forget the type of work tents do. The work is so demanding and pretty much a tough one. The way you use your tent is therefore very important. You need to ensure that you always use it in the right way. You should maintain and care for it by following the user guide and manual.

Finally, when looking for a tent, always remember the benefits that you will get. This is the most important thing. Tents are quite beneficial and you should understand how important they are for you and your loved ones. This is especially very important if you love outdoor activities.

Good luck and don’t forget to share our review. You can always stop by for more tips on tents or outdoor activities too.