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The need to hang out with pals can be quite overwhelming. You might want to take a road trip, hit the mountains, go camping, or simply go beaching. Whichever the type of activity that you choose, it is important to have a great place to operate from. That’s why you need the best Coleman 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent.


Brand: Coleman

Closure Type: Zipper

Occupancy/Capacity: 10 Person

Floor Area: 14 x 10 feet

Height: 6 feet 7 inch center height

Color: Green/Black/Teal

Item Weight: 42 Pounds

Seasons: 1 seasons

Pole Material: pre-attached poles

Fabric Type: rugged Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric 

Waterproof: No

Shape: Square

Setup Time: 60 Seconds

Variation: 4 person/6person/10 person/


  • Easy 60 seconds setup time
  • No tools required for assembling
  • Pre-attached for easy installation
  • Fits four queen size beds easily'
  • Fits ten people easily
  • Comes with an integrated rainfly
  • No electrical cord access point
  • Somewhat complex rip strip


This coleman instant 10 person tent is the perfect tent for a huge group. It has a large capacity and will protect you from harsh weather conditions. More importantly, it will give you the best place to store your belonging.

The tent has been designed to suit the need of many people who hang out together. Space is huge and you will find that moving around is really easy. It a great tent for a family outing and the best way to accommodate many.

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Coleman 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Here are some of the best features of this awesome tent. Take a look at them and see why the Coleman tent is an awesome purchase.

Pre-Attached Poles

The Coleman Instant Cabin has pre-attached tent poles. The use of this technology makes it easy to set up the cabin tent quicker than ever. 

The pre-attached pols technology also makes it simple to fold, unfold, extend, and also secure your cabin tent. You can, therefore, assemble your tent in less than a minute or thereabout. That’s what makes this tent an awesome option for beginner campers.

WeatherTec System: More importantly, the Coleman Instant Cabin tent is also designed using the latest Weathertec technology.

This feature has patented welded floors. The welded floor does not make use of the cross seams when connecting the pieces of fabric that make up the tent. Instead, the seams are completely sealed so that no water, moisture, wind, or any other harsh elements can access the tent once you set it up.

In addition to that, the Weathertec System will also keep the side seams elevated at an angle so no water or wind interferes with the stability of the tent.

Vented Rainfly: The rainfly that comes with this tent is vented. This makes it a great add-on for anyone who wanted an added protection from harsh elements such as the heavy rain droplets. It also boosts the flow of air so that you get the best air circulation.

Unlike what you see on other tents, this integrated model requires no prior assembly and will fold and unfold with the Coleman Cabin Tent for outdoor use.

Poly guard Double-Thick Fabric: More importantly, the tent is also designed from a Poly guard type of fabric. This material is one of the best waterproof materials that the best tents are made from. The one that comes with the Coleman Cabin tent is 2X double-thick.

The thickness makes it heavy and resistant to tear and wear. It gives it a sturdy touch that makes it withstand the most demanding and rigorous outdoor environments. This is a good way that the tent guarantees you the value of money. 

Integrated Pockets: Inside the tent are integrated pockets that you can keep your accessories in. The pockets will help you to keep your tent organized and also to leave you with enough space to move around in. It is also the best additional storage space that you can find when using this tent.

Darkroom Technology: Another feature that makes this cabin tent click is darkroom technology. This is a technology that blocks up to 90% of the sunlight from getting inside the tent. It, therefore, protect you from the sun’s harmful UV-rays and also enables you to sleep beyond sunrise.

The darkroom technology will also reduce the temperature inside the cabin tent. It will, therefore, leave you with a much more comfortable rest or night sleep.

Illuminating Guy-lines: The guy-lines on this cabin tent are also reflective and come with the ability to be illuminated. This technology enables the tent users to enjoy greater visibility. They come in handy during the night and will save you so much fuzziness.

6 Windows: Again this tent also has a total of six windows. The windows are large and will provide a great view of the environment. They will also leave you with the best air circulation and fresh breath all the way.

Proper Netting: Around the windows is the best netting technology. The technology keeps mosquitoes, bugs, and other insects at bay. It also allows you to leave the windows open even in the middle of the night without any worry of being bitten.

Large Door: For a tent that can comfortably carry up to 10 people, the Coleman tent will experience higher traffics. The people coming in and going out need an easy point of operation and the tent door is wide enough to grant easy movement.

Benefits of the Coleman 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Durability: Since it is designed from heavy materials, this tent is very durable and will last longer with proper care. It will surpass its intended lifespan and leave you with a great value for the money used.

Roomy: Even better, the tent is huge. It measures 168 x 79 x 120 inches and will fit 10 people comfortably. In addition to that, it will also leave you with enough space to move about and also to store your accessories. Manus users say that it will comfortably fit 4 queen-size air mattresses.

Easy Set-Up: Thanks to the pre-attached poles, the tent can be easily set up in just about 60 seconds. if you want another pop up tent you can read this one. The setup also requires no tools but will still give you a very strong tent outline. Thankfully, the best Coleman 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent Reviews have also stated that the tent setup has is tested and withstands 35+ mph speeds of wind.

Dry Time: Imagine being dry even in the coldest weather or the wettest environments, that’s just awesome. That’s what this tent gives you. You will have dry accessories, clothes, books, and many other things. Thanks to the tent designer’s incorporation of the Weathertec System. The system like we saw comes with the tub-like floor and welded corners/ seams.

Portable: Apart from the huge space, the tent weighs only 20 pounds. This is very ideal for a tent that will easily handle ten grownups in sleeping bags. It gives the tent an ultra-light touch which makes it one of the most portable designs.

The Drawbacks

Even though the camping tent will pack away securely in the bag, the carry bag comes with a rip strip that not everyone understands. It also leaves some space that you might find irritating after packing. Again, the tent comes without an electrical cord access point but a manual that doesn’t specify how any tear can be fixed.

Additional Tips 

In case you don’t have the money to buy the Colman tent that holds up to ten people, you can opt for a smaller capacity. However, you must get a price that favors you apart from looking at the features that we mentioned.

VerdictThe coleman 10-person dark room fast pitch cabin tent makes a great buy. It is easy to set up and will leave you with a great home away from home. The cabin tent uses a dark room technology that enables you to fall asleep faster.

Nonetheless, you must be prepared to dig a little deeper if you want to own this cool tent. Thankfully, you will get back the value of your money and a great home when camping. Choose this tent if you have a huge group.

From family reunions, retreats, to group camping, a little extra space will go a long way. So try the coleman 14x10 instant tent 10 person today. Make sure you read the user manual before setting up this outdoor tent too.