Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent | Biggest Camping Tent

If you’re looking for the largest and biggest available tent for camping, you’ve come to the right place. People who are looking for tents that are sufficient for the whole family prefers a larger tent. Larger tent usually provides support for rainy and windy weather and made of lasting materials.

Now, let's take a look at the biggest available tent for camping so far.

Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent (25 X 21.5)

Biggest Tent in the world for Camping



Closure Type: Zipper

Occupancy/Capacity: 20 Person

Floor Area: 283 Square Feet

Height: 25.00 x 21.50 x 6.92 Feet

Color: Red Gray Beige

Item Weight: 49.5 lb

Seasons: 3 seasons

Pole MaterialSteel

Fabric Type: Polyester, Polyethene, Fiberglass


Shape: Triangle

Setup Time: 30 minute

Variation: 20 Person

The Ozark Trail 20-person cabin tent is undoubtedly the biggest tent in the world to buy for camping. The tent is massive with 280 ft2 floors covering an area that can hold 6 airbeds that makes it absolutely the biggest.

This tent is kind of looks like Y shaped and weights around 23KG. It has 3 separate doors with 4 divided rooms. The tent also has 8 mesh windows to ensure better ventilation. However, the tent can shelter 20 people only if they use sleeping bags.

The tent is weather-resistant and comes with rain-fly to secure the roof from water. For the shape of the tent, it performs well in windy weather by creating aerodynamic flow.

Things To Know Before Buying A Larger Tent For Camping

There are certain things you might consider before buying tent weather it is bigger or not. Not always a good-looking tent can provide the right build-quality you need. To ensure you choose the right tent here are some things to consider;


The quality of a tent vastly depends on the steaks and poles used in it. Tent poles take care of the strength to withstand windy weather conditions. Who would want to hustle with a tent in the middle of camping?

Aluminum poles are highly recommended for a bigger tent. Bigger tent confronts more wind than a tent made for a single person.

Ozark Trail tent quality

Ozark Trail tent quality


Although a rain-fly may don’t seem like important equipment, it can save you from a disaster. It prevents rain from hitting directly to the top of the tent that could eventually lead to pouring water. A rain-fly also re-routes water on the sides. Moreover, rain-fly gives better insulation for the tent. 


Windows can play a vital role in camping in certain situations. It’s a natural source of ventilation for any tent. When it comes to larger tents, it’s even more important. More the people inside a tent means more ventilation it requires.

Bigger tents are usually provided with mesh windows to fill this need.