Best 4 Person Tent Under 100 [Top 10 Picks & Buying Guide]

Tents are very significant when it comes to camping. Currently, there are numerous types of tents, which come in various sizes. However, if you Are planning to camp with your family or your partners, buying the best 4 person tent under 100 will make your trip much better.

This type of tent comes with the advantages of being spacious. In essence, the tent can accommodate two adults and two children while still leaving enough space to pack your stuff. Similarly, if you are with your partner, you will have lots of space.

Having a tent that is lightweight and easy to pack is very desirable. The best family tent comes with these and many other desirable features. Different companies have manufactured these types of tent. In fact, the number of brands out there is massive. Picking out the best can be quite hectic for you, therefore this guide focuses on the specs of the best 4 man tent in details. When you read the guide, you will be able to identify and pick out the best tent for your camping trip.

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup | Cabin Tent for Camping Sets Up in 60 Seconds

best 4 person tent


  • Quick setup
  • Stronger fabric – double thickness
  • Blocks sunlight
  • Room temperature control
  • Floors are welded
  • Integrated rainfly
  • Pack up with ease
  • Pack up with ease


  • Not waterproof

This is one of the best tents to own. This tent comes with numerous high technology features that will make your camping trip enjoyable. The notable advantage of this tent is its ease of setting up and taking it down. This process takes only a minute. How is that possible? This top-quality tent comes with pre-attached poles. The poles perform excellently. Actually, they have been tested and proved to be able to tolerate pressure with a strength traveling at more than 35 miles per hour.

This tent comes with a single door and two windows. The windows and the door have additional mesh. To store your valuables, this tent comes with a mesh pocket, while the floor is made up of materials that prevent water from seeping into it from below. Actually, it looks like a tub and the seams are welded to make it watertight.

The material the tent is constructed out of is very tough. Coleman uses 150D polyester. This material is known to be extremely tough and does not tear up quickly. The material is twice as thick as the standard tent material and appears to be very rugged. The general shape of the tent is aimed at giving you and your family enough space. Remember, for greater visibility during the nights; this tent is built with the illumilines reflective guy lines.

As a spacious tent: It is large enough to hold 4 people.  This tent can comfortably accommodate 4 queen size airbags and your luggage. The dimensions are 14 ft. X 10 ft. The center height comes in at 6 ft. 7 in. This is comfortable enough to accomodate tall people. Precisely, this exceptional tent has enough headroom space to allow you to easily and comfortably maneuver around inside your tent.

Remember, the darkroom technology is essential in blocking the sunlight as well as controlling the temperature. This gives you the best possible sleep.

Coleman 2-Person Dome Tent for Camping | SunDome Tent with Easy Setup

Coleman Sundome Tent


  • Comes with stakes
  • Poles are shock-corded
  • Storage bag included
  • Coated polyester covering
  • Excellent for 3 seasons


  • Some complaints on the weak zipper

This spacious tent comes with several great features. The process of installation is quite swift taking you less than ten minutes to assemble. The tent is suitable for both car camping as well as backpack camping. You can easily pack this tent in your backpack and carry it to your camping site, because it is very lightweight. The carry bag is very durable and hence will serve you for a long time.

After installation, this tent can comfortably fit three adults without them bumping into each other, plus their luggage. When you purchase this hi-tech tent, you will get instructions on how to assemble it, as well as disassemble it. The tent qualifies to be called spacious because it has a floor space of 7ft. X 9 ft. and a center height of 58 inches. This space makes it excellent for families or couples who want to enjoy having plenty of space.

Built with the weatherTec system, this 4-person dome tent will keep you dry whatever the season. It comes with a rainfly, so do not worry about the rain. This rainfly covers the most substantial part of the tent. To keep it in place, it comes with guy lines. The rainfly extends over the door to create a hood. This measure is meant to offer added protection. When winds are stronger, the tent stakes keep it sturdy. On clear weather days, you can remove the rainfly to get a fresh air flow.

The door is D shaped. This shape allows you easier entry as well as exit. Remember, your tent comes with accessories such as the hanging loops and the mesh pocket. The dome shape of the tent confers added stability and resistance against wind, while the material covering – coated polyester - keeps you warm and dry. The floor is made from tougher polyethylene for maximum protection. This is a great example of a best 4 person camping tent.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent


  • Two doorways
  • 2 vestibules
  • 8 Large zippers
  • Exceptional 2 pole design
  • Water resistant and UV resistant
  • Has a game loft
  • Guy lines as well stakes included in the package


  • Zippers on rainfly may leak

The ALPS mountaineering tent comes with a unique design. It is easy to install. In essence, this tent comes with only two aluminum poles, which forms the frame. Additionally, it comes with clips which you can easily attach to the poles, thus completing the setup process. The complete package comes with guy lines and the tent stakes.

This tent is stable, thanks to its shape, aluminum poles, and the staking. Note that this is a polyester tent. The combination of polyester and aluminum makes it a very sturdy tent. The rating of polyester is 75D. Besides, this sturdy tent comes with a rainfly that is specially coated, hence giving it excellent waterproof qualities (1500mm).

Similarly, this applies to the floor, but gives it a waterproofing rating of 2000mm. Needless to say, the fabric is UV resistant, ensuring no harmful rays can reach where you are inside the tent.

This tent comes in with a base size of 7.6 x 8.6 ft. while the center height is 52 inches. This is a big enough space to accommodate 4 people. The weight of the tent is about 8 lbs 10 oz. You find two common colors, i.e. clay and rusty. What makes this tent a must buy is that it features two doorways. When the rainfly is on each, it gets a roomy vestibule like look.

Described as fully equipped, this tent comes with 8 sturdy large and robust zippers. This is meant to make it easier to use. Buying this top-notch tent confers you the advantages of extra features like the storage pockets, guy ropes and game loft in addition to the stakes. All the seams in this tent are factory sealed, thus offering more excellent durability. Having this type of tent assures you of a great performance during both sunny and heavy weather conditions.

Coleman Carlsbad Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Dome Tent for Camping


  • Screen room present
  • Can block the sun
  • Excellent air circulation
  • Welded floors


  • TSome reported leakage in corners

This polyester tent is parked with numerous features similar to its Coleman counterparts. Its dark room technology blocks about 98% of the sunlight from reaching the interior. With such features, you get to comfortably enjoy your sleep even if the sun is already up. This technology is also very excellent when it comes to the regulation of temperature. Basically, it prevents the room from heating up too much.

If you need a tent that will keep you completely dry, this is the tent to buy. Why is that so? This tent comes with excellent WeatherTec system. This system features welded floors to prevent water or moisture from the ground seeping upwards into your room. Besides, the design of the seams is that they are inverted to offer added protection against water entry. With this type of tent, you can use it even during rainy periods without fear. However, the screen room is not waterproof!

The separate screen room is located at the front of the tent. The walls are made of a strong mesh. This is an essential feature to enhance free air circulation within a tent. With such a screen room, you can sleep comfortably on hot nights. Essentially, you get bug free lounging.

What is the size of this tent? This tent has a base size of 9 X 7 ft. and a 4ft., 11-inch center height, while the screen room measures 9ft. X 4ft. This makes it spacious enough to hold 4 people. The height gives larger headroom, and you can move around without difficulty.

Also, the tent comes with accessories on the inside where you can keep small daily use stuff, i.e. inside the mesh pockets. Here you can keep your flashlights, phones, or knife to enhance organization in your tent. When you buy this tent, you get a carry bag that is expandable, giving you enough room to pack your tent. When you opt to buy the Coleman Carlsbad Tent with Screen Room, you are sure to get value for your money. It is an excellent option, especially when the weather is nice.

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Tent


  • Factory welded seams
  • Gear loft and mesh pockets
  • Exceptional waterproof rating
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • The roof is made of mesh
  • Has corded poles
  • Fiberglass poles for extra sturdiness


  • Too long and narrow window

This ALPS uniquely designed quality tent comes in as an easy to assemble tent. It has a free-standing pole design, and the poles are made of fiberglass. The poles have the shock cords inside them. The pole system is free-standing, and this is what makes assembling easier and faster. To assemble it,  you simply have to attach the pole clips to the fiberglass poles that are shock corded.

It is made up of polyester, which is an excellent quality material when it comes to resisting water. This feature makes the tent an option to use in almost any weather conditions. Besides, the polyester is UV resistant! This means no harmful ultraviolet rays will reach the interior while you are camping. Taking this tent as an option means you get lots of value for your money. The tent has two vestibules. These vestibules act as extra storage space, creating enough room for four people.

How is this tent protected from weather elements? All the seams are sealed from the factory ensuring they are watertight. On the other hand, the polyester fly comes at the 75D specification, and it has an additional coating of 1500mm. This is enough protection from any weather element. When it comes to the floor, you get a 185Tpoy taffeta that has a coating of 2000 mm. This specification is creatively made to keep you dry.

The tent comes with a floor size of 7.6 x 8.6 ft. while the center height is 52 inches. It has two doors, and the windows are zippered on each of the entries. This combined with the roof vents (star gazing) offers easy access as well as excellent ventilation.

The interior of the tent is loaded with the gear loft. This is an essential place where you can store any needed small necessities. Also, you will get several accessories, including the great tent stakes, tent bags, as well as guy ropes. Such a massive range of accessories makes you camping more exciting.

Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Tent - 6 Person

best family tent


  • Spacious
  • Hybrid frame
  • Complete mesh roof
  • Vertical walls giving enough floor and headroom space
  • E! Port for charging, lighting, etc.


  • Heavy

This excellent tent comes with the comforts of home. Actually, it lets you enjoy the greatness of the outdoors without giving up on the comforts of home. This Eureka tent is of a cabin –style and features 9 poles. The frame is made of the most durable fiberglass and comes with pole sleeves, clips, and pins. These are all meant for use during the process of assembling it.

It has vertical walls; this is an essential feature in maximizing the floor space. The floor measures 10 ft. X 10 ft. while the height is 7ft. This tent is without a doubt very spacious. It gives you enough headroom considering it is 7 ft. high. In fact, you can move around in this ten while walking upright. That size comfortably accommodates 6 people without each one of them bumping into each other. The weight of the tent is not less than 23 pounds and 2 ounces. This makes it a bit heavy, thus it’s a good tent for car camping. Actually, when you pack it, it packs in at 26 x8 inches.

The floor is of a bathtub-style, and it wraps up all the tent sides. This helps to keep the interior warm as well as dry. The tent has an E! Power port. This allows you to run an electrical cable from outside into the tent. Here, you can power your lights, charge devices, etc. for your accessories. The tent is loaded with the mesh pocket and a gear loft. Here you get to keep your daily use stuff away from the ground, yet within a point of easy reach.

If you are looking for a sturdy tent, then look no further than this Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Tent. It has an excellent ability to withstand storms, as well as outlast rain. This is thanks to its strong built made with a durable fiberglass frame as well as a steel frame – a robust combination of the ring/pin assembly, hub, and pole sleeves. Besides, these well laid down parts make it easier for you to assemble your tent. This makes it one of the best 4 person tents.

Kelty Grand Mesa Tent – 2 to 4 Person Camping and Backpacking Tents, Green

Kelty Grand Mesa Tent


  • Good for 3 seasons
  • Extremely lightweight
  • The clips are color coded
  • Seams are taped
  • Well ventilated
  • Has internal storage pockets


  • Some complaint of weak poles

If you are seeking to buy a 3 season tent, then try the Kelty Grand Mesa 4. It provides outstanding excellence when it comes to performance, and it the long run it will give you value for your money. The construction is solid, while the design is exceptional. It comes with a free-standing design that makes it easier to move around. This feature makes it ideal if you are shifting positions in a campsite. Included in the tent are the stuff sack and the stakes.

Assembling this tent is quite straightforward. It comes with a color-coded clip that you just clip onto the pole. This eliminates the cumbersome process of feeding the poles through the tent sleeves. It comes with 2 aluminum poles for assembly. This 3 seasons tent has a single door and a single vestibule too. When you purchase this Kelty Grand Mesa Tent, the tent poles are already included in the purchase.

What fabric is suitable for this type of tent? Polyester proves to be the best tent material majorly due to its durability and ability to protect the users from the adverse weather elements. On all sides, the tent has mesh, while the rainfly is well positioned to allow proper ventilation. You also find additional ventilation at the back.

This unique tent is quite spacious. It has dimensions of 98 x 80 x 56 inches. This gives a total floor area of about 54.5 ft., while the vestibule comes at an area of 14 ft. This offers enough space for the storage of any luggage you might have. The vestibule is located at the front of the tent. Couples find this type of tent very spacious for use. Also, the tent comes in at a lower weight. At a maximum weight of 7 pounds and 7 ounces, you can carry it around easily. Simply pack it in the bag it comes with and carriy it on your back as you head to your campsite.

Slumberjack Trail Tent

Slumberjack Trail Tent


  • The rain fly is full sized
  • The waterproofing ratings are excellent
  • The doors are large and have vestibules on them
  • Quick assembly, color-coded clips
  • Lightweight, i.e., backpack-friendlyExcellent price


  • Weak cords
  • Flimsy fiberglass poles

This lumberjack trail tent comes as an easy to assemble tent: it has color-coded clips construction. The construction is sturdy, thanks to its top-notch materials. The poles are made of fiberglass, while the polyester is heavy-duty and durable 75D. It comes with a coating of 1200mm construction to reinforce the durability and protection it confers. The seams of the polyester have a taped construction finish. Three poles hold the tent up. Assembly is easy because of the color-coded construct clips, as well as the buckle fly connections.

On the sides, the tent has mesh on the walls. This is to allow free air circulation, hence proper ventilation. You can enjoy fresh air and controlled temperatures when it is hot outside. Of great importance are the zippers in this Slumberjack Trail Tent. They are significant and effective, i.e., you do not expect any leakages into the inside when it rains. To top it up, they are noiseless when you pull them. Also, this free-standing 4-person tent comes with a rain fly that has full coverage.

It has two D-shaped doors on the opposite sides, and each entry has vestibules. Each of the vestibules has enough space, where you can store your luggage or any extra stuff you may have. The geometry of this tent allows for maximum interior space – ridge pole. Besides, the internal pocket mesh acts as essential storage structures for small stuff. For a successful adventure try this tent. Its size makes it ideal for backpacking. If you like fishing, try it too.

A fully assembled Slumberjack Trail Tent measures 98 inches by 83 inches by 59 inches, while the area of the floor is 56.5 square feet. When you pack the tent, it comes down to small dimensions of 7.5 inches x 28 inches, thus it is an excellent backpacking tent. Besides, it is very light in weight. It weighs only 11 pounds, 15 ounces.

Kelty TN 4 Tent - 4 Person

Kelty TN 4 Tent


  • Offers an excellent stargazing rain fly
  • The mesh surface is large
  • Poles are compact
  • A superb 3 season tent
  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Perfect waterproof floor
  • Easily convertible


  • Small sized tent for four people
  • Exaggerated prices

The Kelty tent comes in as a three-season tent holding 4 persons. This lightweight tent is an excellent option when it comes to moving camps. Its light weight does not limit its features: it comes with 2 doors, one on each opposite side. On each door, there is a vestibule. While constructing it, the tent requires two poles. These poles are compact, thus giving the necessary sturdiness of a frame tent. Construction of this tent takes less than 15 minutes.

The tent is generally lightweight, and when disassembled it reduces down to a very small piece that can easily be packed in a backpack. Its weight is 6 pounds and 13 ounces. This compactness has caused many people to like the Kelty TN 4 Tent. When you purchase the tent it comes with a carry bag that is cubed, color-coded clips and the fly attachment for more natural construction. This cube carry bag is tiny, thanks to the compactness of the tent; you can easily put it into your backpack.

The design of this tent is fantastic. Are you ready for clear nights out? Both the sides and the top are made of mesh. This gives you an excellent opportunity to view the stars in the comfort of your tent. The mesh fly rolls down to give full coverage. To open up the tent, you can roll it up halfway. This is necessary for protection against the rain and other harsh weather elements. The importance of the all-around mesh is to ensure that the tent is breathable, and it also ensures that the tent dries up faster.

This tent is a bit shorter than its counterparts: It stands at 45 inches tall while the floor size is 93.5 x 86 inches. It is compact form makes it possible to carry it effortlessly. The fly material that works best for this type of tent is the polyester material.

NTK INDY GT 4 to 5 Person 12.2 by 8 Foot

NTK INDY GT 4 person Tent


  • Easy to assemble
  • Protection from mosquito and other small insects due to breathable micro-mesh
  • Resists water and UV 100%
  • Sturdy construction due to the Nano flex fiberglass that is extra thick
  • Anti-fungus floor material
  • High ceiling


  • Some complain it’s s smaller size than explained

Are planning to camp with your family? The NTK INDY GT 4 to 5 person tent is the best option you can have. This quick to assemble tent comes in with a spacious European design. It features a floor size of 12.8 ft. by 8 ft. and a center height of 4.3 feet. The sleeping area is 8 x 7 ft. This gives you a spacious and comfortable tent for the whole family. This European style brings a front vestibule that is unique and has a roof-like cover (awning), and a side door that has a detachable PE floor covered with tarpaulin.

The rainfly of this hi-quality tent is double layered. This is to ensure maximum protection to the users. The waterproofing potential of the rainfly is absolute, i.e. 100%: It is created from 190T polyester that is laminated with the tough polyurethane. The 2 layers are made of a 2500mm column that provides coverage as well as protection from water and the coating of heat-steamed thermoplastic that offers absolute protect against UV rays.

Do you fear mosquitos? The inner tent comes with a mosquito protection micro-mesh on the doors. This tent has two doors that are D shaped. The roofing is ventilated thanks to the mesh, and it comes with the utility pocket (roomy) for storage purposes.

The frame of the tent is sturdy. This is because it is made of extra thick poles of Nano flex fiberglass which is interconnected with double plated gold chrome Ferule hardware that is strong and elastic. This offers a remarkably stronger construction. These materials are absolutely virgin, thus providing additional strength as well as flexibility.

The floor material is heavy duty and is anti-fungus. This material has a silver coating layer on the inside. This is necessary to prevent leakages, thus keeping you protected and dry. The floor has an exquisite bathtub style element barrier. This is designed to keep you dry all the time. Note, this material is an excellent fire retardant, and the tent is generally easy to construct as well as take it down.

Factors to consider when buying a 4 person tent

While selecting your best 4 person camping tent, there are some factors you need to thoroughly consider for you to be able to enjoy your vacation or camping. Thinking about the weather, the number of kids or adults you are camping with can be essential. The major issues to put into consideration as it pertains to these 4 person tents include;

Number of people that will use the tent

As stipulated, the maximum number of people is 4. However, if you are 4 adults in a 4 person tent, you may lack space to store your luggage. Such tents are ideal for two adults and at most three kids. In this case, you will have enough space to move around as well as store your luggage.

What season are you camping?

Tents are made with different materials; therefore, they are suited for different environmental conditions. The critical materials that make the tents are nylon, polyester, cotton, and canvas. All these materials are waterproof! However, they vary in weight and durability. While the cotton and canvass are excellent materials for 3 season tents, the nylon and polyester make suitable material for ordinary tents.

If you plan to camp during summer, then you need a lightweight tent material. These materials are excellent in allowing air circulation and maintaining warmth. Winter tents also referred to as 4 season tents require sturdy material. The material must be able to maintain warmth, protect against strong winds, hailstones, snowfall, etc.

Nylon and polyester are excellent materials in keeping in the warmth, and they, therefore, make suitable material for summer tents. However, these materials deteriorate on exposure to the sun. On the other hand, canvas and cotton are quite heavy. They soak up with water during the rainy season. The bottom line: a combination of polyester and aluminum usually form a sturdy tent.


How many people do you need to install your tent? It takes at least two people to set up a tent successfully. However, the process might not be flawless. This is because confusion might arise leading to numerous arguments. This wastes time. Installing your tent must not eat up your camping time. In essence, the process must be straightforward.

Remember, different tents have different installation process. While some are designed in a way that the poles are held in the sleeves, others have the clips to clip onto the pole skeleton. When it comes to assembling, the clip tent is the easiest, but, if you consider sturdiness, then go for the sleeve style of tent.

The shape of the tent

The tents may be in a cabin style or dome-shaped. The choice of style will depend on your preferences. Basically, the configuration will determine the amount of space after settling in. If you need more headroom, then the cabin style is excellent. For this tent, the walls are nearly vertical as this way you get much headroom. Also, this tent gives more room to maneuver. On the other hand, the dome style tents have less headroom. However, they are excellent when it comes to blocking the  wind. In cases of foul weather, go with the dome-shaped.


Most 4 person tents come with the advantage of being lightweight and easy to pack. While considering this factor, you should not compromise quality. Whatever the case, you need a high-quality tent: A tent that will give you the best service. The best family tent, must be able to hold the specified people irrespective of the weight, and must come with doors and windows to allow air circulation. Put in mind that when you go camping, the tents are carried there by cars.

Additional information

Having the best family tent should be your primary priority. That implies you will get value for your money. If you are carrying your family, you will need a spacious tent. Looking for tents that come with structures such as vestibules, will help you keep track of your extra stuff such as shoes, and other accessories. Almost all tents feature mesh pockets, and these pockets are essential in keeping things like your flashlight and camping knife safe and secure. That means they help to store the equipment that you came with.

A few have the extra zippered openings that allow the passage of electric wires to the inside of the tent, while some have the e-ports that allow you to connect the electricity to power the lighting or a radio. Still, some come with loops that you  can hang your lamps on. These features will make you a tent worth your money. While purchasing one, be critical of them.

FAQ - Best 4 Person camping Tent Under 100

family tent for camping

How long does it take to assemble a tent?

This will depend on the type of tent you have. Basically, you do not have to spend half of your day assembling a tent. As seen above some tents take up 15 minutes while others come pre-assembled, offering a lightning fast assembly.

What should you consider when buying a 4 person tent?

The internal space is more critical, especially the floor space. The larger the floor space the more comfortable it can be. Next, consider the height. If you are taller get a tent with more significant headroom. It is important also to look at the material of both the rainfly and the frame — a combination of polyester and aluminum form one of the best tents. However, Nano flex fiberglass frames work well too. Basically, the material must be good enough to give you the required shelter you desire.

Under what circumstance should you buy a 4 person tent?

This type of tent is excellent when you need company. You can buy it if you and your family are planning to camp. It fits two adults and two small children comfortably. Besides, you will have space for your gear. It can also fit three adults comfortably. In the case of sleeping purposes only, this tent can fit four adults.

How do I take care of this tent?

Care is critical to any tent. It will prolong the life of your tent as well save you the frequent costs of repairs and buying replacements. The first care step is to ensure you minimize wear and tear. How do you do this? Avoid areas with sharp branches or stones. Alternatively, as much as possible try to use a tarp underneath; it is sturdier and easier to replace as compared to the tent floor. And always ensure you clean your tent after use and store it in a safe place.

Conclusion: Finding the best 4 person tent under 100 is very easy with this guide. With numerous brands on the market, it requires a keen eye to sample out a tent that will serve you properly. That means immersing yourself in the details of these tents. Considering factors such as the use, the number of people that will use it, as well as the environmental to use the tents, you will shed some light on the different types of tents. Finding the best one will give you greater versatility with a good size. This way you get value for your money. The details above- guide and review are meant to provide you with the direction to follow when you want to buy a 4 person tent. However, the decision to buy is solely yours.

Reading any guide or reviews of tents is a great source of inspiration to anyone wishing to invest in these camping essentials. As a matter of fact, the insights you get both positive and negative will help you get prepared for what you are going to deal with. The bottom line is, you should not compromise your comfort at whatever cost-consider material, design, weather resistance as well as features like stakes, pocket mesh, the number of doors and vestibules.

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