Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4 Reviews | Why Buy It Or Not

Choosing the best tent for camping is not an easy job for both beginners and experienced campers. In addition, people have different opinions when it comes to tents. Some of the things they have to consider are the size and brand of the tent.

It can be challenging to know which tent to choose considering that there are many different options on the market. In this post, we are going to look at some of the most important things you need to consider so that you can make the right pick.

In addition, we’ll cover Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4 Reviews so that you can understand what makes it the ultimate tent. We will discuss its features, how to use, durability, and pros and cons.

alps mountaineering reviews


Brand: ALPS Mountaineering

Seasons: 3 Season

Color: Clay/Rust

Height: 52Inches

Weight: 7 lbs

Occupancy: 4 Person

Waterproof :Yes

Shape: Round

Closure Type: Zipper

Doors: 2 Door

Room: 1 Room

Windows: side windows

Floor aria: 64Inches

Setup: Easy to setup

Pole Material: Aluminum

Packed size: 6" x 23"

Pole Diameter: 11mm

Variation: Clay/Rust


  • Free-standing pole system makes it easy to pitch the tent
  • It is easy to assemble the aluminum poles with the pole clips provided with the tent
  • Comes with a solid floor that does not require you to use a tarp for extra protection
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty in the event that it stops working
  • It is lightweight, which makes it ideal for car-camping
  • Made from polyester material which provides protection against UV


  • It is not as lightweight as they claim
  • Ideal for dry seasons such as summer, fall, spring, but not snow or heavy rains
  • Big individuals might not get enough leg room

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent Reviews

We understand how challenging it can be to choose the best tent that meets your needs and we would like to make your selection process as easy as possible.

One of the key features that make Lynx 4-Person Tent a good tent is a fact that it is made from lightweight and durable materials, which makes it deliver consistently reliable performance. Although the stakes are basic, they seem to be a bit rugged.

Many users have liked the tent because it is easy to set it up. It takes less than 8 minutes to erect it. It has only 4 guy lines and lacks the line that holds the center of the rainfly down. It has two simple poles that clip on instead of sliding through a sleeve.

Manufacturer’s claims

The poles were made under strict manufacturing standards, so you can be sure that the will be able to hold up incredibly tough and can also bend easily. This means they cannot break easily.

According to the manufacturer, assembling this tent is hustle-free. This allows you to erect with minimal stress and in a very short time.

Waterproofing ability

The tent is able to keep up moisture and wind even during bad storms. In addition, the floor is thick and its ceiling comes with a No see Um mesh. This way, you don’t have to stress about bugs getting in when you’re not using the rainfly.


Although the tent might be low in height, it has a lot of space to sit up. It also has enough space for two adults and a couple of children. Despite the fact that it is a four-person tent, it doesn’t offer enough space for four grown adults.

Some customers on alps mountaineering reviews say that although the tent has great airflow and ventilation, it is not the best option for winter camping. But its rainfly holds up really well in the event of heavy rainstorms and strong winds.

If you are looking for a long term choice, ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent is an excellent choice. On longevity, customers reported back saying there were a few issues with clips, zippers, and flooring after many years of use. It holds up really well to stormy weather, but some users reported that it has minimal leakage even after gusting winds and inches of blowing precipitation.

Buyer’s Guide About The best Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when buying an alps mountaineering tent:

Alps Mountaineering Tent

Number of people

When looking for a tent, you need to consider the number of people it can handle. However, many campers always forget that they will also need a little extra space for the dog or wet gear.

So you should always keep in mind that plans change. Make sure you buy a bigger tent than you need. The reason being you might want to use it for camping with your friends, spouse, or maybe you only need some more space on wet days.


Depending on where you will be camping, you will want to choose certain styles and designs. For example, if you will be camping in an area that has no shelter from heavy winds, you should consider choosing a low-profile tent with good rigidity.

For areas that are hot, humid, and wet, then you should choose a roomier tent with open walls and good ventilation. So make sure your ideal tent meets this criterion

How long you will be camping

You also need to consider the amount of time you will be spending at the camp. But why is this important?

Some hikers may spend the whole day hiking, getting into camps, making dinner, and going to sleep straight away in the tent to sleep before waking up early, taking their meals, and starting their game ones again

Another hiker may wake up late, stay behind at the camp, wait for the rainy days, and spend more time camping at night before hiking a bit in the course of the day.

Another hiker is looking for a roomier and robust tent. Others will regard this “a camper” whereas the more aggressive hiker is considered a “hiker”.


If you will be carrying the tent on your back, every ounce is very important. It is important that you choose the lightest tent possible. However, keep in mind that you must choose a tent that is light weight and also durable.

There is a big difference between heavy and light tents. It depends on the fabric that has been used to make it, stakes and support poles. In most cases, lightweight tents sacrifice durable to make them lightweight.

Tent livability

Many tents were mainly designed for sleeping and not livability. They were designed with steep slopes and little headroom.

Newer designs on the market have a larger living space without weight. The use of modern fabrics and materials.


A tent that has steep slopes was designed to save weight but sacrifice livability. Make sure you study the design of the tent to determine if it has the right volume.

The good thing is that this is usually not as difficult as you only need to check the pitch of the walls.

Floor plan

The length and width measurements of the tent should give you an idea of the side of the floor. Although it will not give you an idea about how it is laid out, you can use it as a comparison between the different tent models


You need to check how high the peak of the tent is to get an idea about how large the interior of the tent is.

Tent Walls

When it comes to walls, there are two types: single and double. Double wall tents have to mesh inner walls that serve as a barrier to condensation that forms on the rainfly. Unfortunately, this feature adds some weight.

Single wall tent doesn’t come with this feature, which makes it lighter. But you may end up having condensation drip in the tent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Alps mountaineering tents:

Are lightweight tents easily damaged?

Not necessarily. A good quality, lightweight model is made from high-quality materials. Just because a tent is lightweight doesn’t that it will break easily

Despite the fact that they are lightweight, the material that is used to make modern tents is of high quality. Modern synthetic materials have the ability to resistant tears and abrasion while keeping out wind, rain, and cold. In addition, synthetic fabrics are usually woven to improve breathability and keep water out. The fabrics have the ability to withstand strong winds without tearing or ripping.

I don’t want to feel squeezed inside my Alps mountaineering tent. What should I keep in mind when shopping?

The capacity of the tent should tell. A tent may say that it can accommodate two people, but that does not mean that the tent is roomy. It is important that you check the peak height of the tent to get an idea about the tent’s overhead space. Choose a model that has more than one window so as to provide enough ventilation and prevent you from feeling like you are trapped.

If roominess is your concern and you will be camping solo, then you may want to choose a two-person model. You should also choose models that have more space where you can store your gear. Some tents have extensions which allow you to store the items you need for your camping. The key to ensuring you don’t feel cramped inside the tent is to choose an innovative feature that provides separate storage space.

Do I need a rainfly on my alps mountaineering tent?

The answer is yes. Most camping tents come with a rainfly because it is very when you want to stay dry. Even if you think the weather looks good, you can save yourself the worry and trouble by getting a tent that has a rainfly.

Using a tent that does not have a rainfly can cause you a lot of problems even when you are camping in warm summer months. If the wall is close to your skin, you will feel the moisture through the material and it could be absorbed to your sleeping materials.

To assess the packability of my tent, do I need to look at the size?

Not necessarily. A tent can be lightweight but it could also be challenging to pack. You want to choose a tent that can be folded easily in your backpack. Even if you choose a lightweight model, it could cause you a lot of trouble.

It is important that you look for features that can enable you to disassemble the tent such as extendable rods. Also, look at the bag used to carry and store the tent as it may come with design features that make packing the tent away much easier.

Conclusion: Alps mountaineering tent is one of the best tents you can buy out there. It is the right investment for an individual or couple who want to experience what nature has to offer. The tent will provide the protection you need and ensure that your belongings are protected as well.

The tent is also easy to assemble and is lightweight for people who are looking to traveling a long distance to hike. In addition, it is made from fine material which helps to ensure your comfort and keep you safe. At an affordable price, Alps mountaineering tents offer an excellent hiking choice.

After your trip, make sure you clean your tent and give it a few minutes to try before you store it. If you put a way a dump tent, it will start growing mold and eventually ruin it. This is not what you want considering that you have used the money to buy the gear. If you take care of your hiking gear, it will definitely take care of you.

We hope that these Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4 reviews will help you to make the right decision the next time you are making a purchase. We have covered all the most important points you need to know so as to make your selection a lot easier and hustle-free.